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Saturday, July 07, 2007

this weekend & Boston foster

Aunt Janet came up for the weekend again, we had so much fun. (mommy's camera is going, so some of the pictures are blurry, but don't worry she bought a new one, an Olympus FE 230)

You only see Aunt Janet's hand because she is in her PJs and mommy doesn't want to embarras her, silly humans.

I love my hedgehog ball, but not as much as I love my girlfriend Fig.

Aunt Janet makes me act sooooo silly and I love it!

Oh, and here is an older pic, even though I get the best food, I still want MORE. I will stare at whoever is eating until I get some.

Sometimes I get the food right away, other times I have to wait a little longer.

UPDATE: Our Friend is fostering a Boston
Mommy's friend has three Boston Terrier children who were rescued, she just took in a Boston rescue as a foster. "Meet BONNIE.She was rescued from the Manhattan CACC (kill shelter) by Tara of the BT Resource & Adoption Center. I was asked to foster her and I am hoping someone can give her a permanent home so pass the word!

BONNIE lived with the same family for her entire 8 years and is very nervous and confused now. She is a beautiful Boston and appears to be hand shy so a home without children is desired. I will know more about her personality as time goes on but I did want to share pictures."

If you or someone you know could love Bonnie as their own, contact Joanne


WinstonBerry said...

Your aunt seems like a lot of fun! :-P
Your staring strategy is a good one! It definitely works in my house, and if I add a little wimpering and paw at a knee, I'm as good as golden!!! They can't resist, can they? Don't you love it!??

--Winnie :-)

Joe Stains said...

oh no that is so sad for bonnie but so great that she is getting good care now, I sure hope someone adopts her!

The Airechicks said...


It's wonderful that you can share your home and family with Bonnie..

What was her people thinking...

We know you'll help her get past all this trouble and introduce her to her new family...

Thank you for helping Bonnie..

Lorenza said...

Hi, Balboa.
We know you are in love. Nothing is better than Fig, right?
I know that thing about waiting for food. In my case not always works but at least I try!
I hope Bonnie finds a forever home!
Take care

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Balboa,
Always fun when family comes to visit eh? I sure hope Bonnie finds her forever home too.

ToFFee said...

Hi Balboa!

I pawed by your bloggie!

I have to do that as well so I can have some hooman food!

all I eat are those boooring kibbles!


Amber-Mae said...

Oh Balboa, what happened to your mom's camera? That Bonnie is very pweetty... Are you both having a good time together?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Balboa & Mommy said...

Bonnie is not staying with me she is with mommy's friend, Joanne.

Joanne has three other Boston kids to play with Bonnie.

We're not sure why the family gave up Bonnie, but I hear she's a doll but really scared. We hope she finds her forever family soon.


Martha said...

I do the same thing when it comes to food. Works like a charm! I hope Bonnie finds her forever home soon. Love, Martha

Peanut said...

hey I used to have that dumbell toy. I am glad bonnie has a nice foster home and someone to look after her now.

wally said...

Balboa--Lovely photos. You have your own aura! I hope Bonnie finds a happy home soon. My ma ape was interested because she wants a third dog but she says a shy dog would not do well with me and my sissy can be overbearing. How rude is SHE!


Seadra & Zoe said...

Oh, we wish we had room for Bonnie. Mom says Boston's are special at our house....Hey, she must mean me!!

Love, Seadra

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Oh that Bonnie is beautiful! Better not let my Mom see this,,,,,,,

Bussie Kissies

Ume said...

hi Balboa,
Bonnie is pwetty! i hope she finds her furrever home soon! paws crossed for Bonnie!

Bella said...

Hello funny Frenchie Balboa - you sure are a funny trickster - do you like Bonnie - could she be your sista??? So sad that after 8 years loving her family they 'drop' her - we don't understand how anyone could do that :(

Oscar Airedale said...

I hope a great new home can be found for Bonnie fast!

How come that begging thing never works for me? Hmm....

Oscar x