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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Typical Evening at Home

This is what happens most evenings
Mommy takes out her camera to try and take pics of us.

Balboa: "Don't look Anthony she has that camera again."

Balboa: "want to play Anthony, since mommy is too busy with that stupid camera?"

Anthony: "Yeah, lets play and ignore her, but she won't let go of your toy." Mommy still holding onto MY toy
Balboa: "Maybe you can play tug with me?" Anthony trying to stretch up to talk with me

Anthony: "I don't have any teeth yet to grab onto the toy, see." Anthony showing me inside of his mouth

Balboa: "Whoa what is that noise?" Listening and being on guard

Balboa: "Oh, its just bags of clean clothes mommy hasn't put away yet. There so
filled with clothes they are falling over."

Balboa: "Whoa, gotta fart. Oh that felt good."

Anthony: "That stinks, worse than my diapers." Anthony diapers stink REALLY REALLY BAD

Balboa: "Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself. Stick with me and
I'll teach you how to stink out the house."

Anthony: "Heee, Heee, Heee. Between, you, me and daddy, maybe we can stink
her out and she'll drop the camera."

Anthony: "Or maybe she'll drop the remote and we can watch something
other than lifetime movies." Mommy watches too much lifetime stuff, even daddy says so

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My first post of 2010

So much going on.....
The best part about celebrating a new year MY BIRTHDAY IS FOUR DAYS LATER!!!!!

I had a great Christmas, I got to destroy boxes and got some great toys. I got to taste all the food around the table, and of course gave lots of stinky farts. Who doesn't love stinky Frenchie farts????
Hey, if your not a fart lover, its better than super stinky Anthony diapers, man that stuff can kill you.

Anthony is still here, and now he likes to scream so loud. What is up with that??? And he is a crazy dude. I think he is trying to destroy the house, starting with this toys.
he knocked down his own play mat

and he is so proud of the trouble he caused

I'm not watching him cause I love him,
I want to make sure he doesn't destroy anything else

Just when you think he's locked away....
that's when he's GONNA GET YOU