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Friday, June 29, 2007


So, I've been busy, real busy. Can't you see................

I've been chillin' with mom all day and then I get so tired. So I spend the rest of the day sleeping, saving my energy for when daddy gets home. Then after playing with daddy, we just Chill on the bed.

Mommy says this is one of the reson's she loves having a garden................ so she can look at pretty flowers when she washes her dishes. As the summer progresses the flowers will get bigger, I hope so.... they look quite puny, but that's just me.

Mommy's planting of basil and oregano seeds are not going as fast as she had hoped, so she bought a herb plants and planted them in her garden too. Mommy is going to chop up the basil, chives, and mint leaves and add them to her sauce for chicken parm!!!!!! OOOOOH I can't wait.

Churchill is doing better, if you want check out the blog. On the FBRN foster page, he received so many donations and will now have only the best doctors and a loving foster home. Thank doG for all the good, decent, loving humans in the world!

The Scoop on Mommy and Daddy

Suki and her mommy tagged us, so I'm gonna let my mommy have this post all to herself, just this once..........

Hi, Karen here, I'm telling a lot but I never known when I might get to post on this blog again, Balboa is very secretive sometimes, I think it has something to do with Fig.

Interesting facts:

  • I'm a Special Ed high school reading specialist if I made any spelling errors sorry I'm off duty~wink wink~
  • My husband, Tony, is a night custodian for the middle school in town.
  • I am also an adjunct professor for the education department where I got my BA and MA.
  • This is my first summer off ever, no summer school for me!
    I met my husband at WCC when I was 19 and he was 20. Wow those 12 years passed pretty quickly.
  • We don't have kids but would love to have them someday, we are relying on fate. For right now Balboa will be any only child.

    If you really want to know what Tony and I are like, just watch King of Queens. I'm not as thin as Carrie but that is ME only when Tony acts like Doug Heffernan, which is usually often. You know how men can be....... hee hee


    *Drinking Sangria on my porch and eating sangria soaked peaches, apples, and pear ~hmmmm
    *Eating a huge, I MEAN HUGE, bucket of popcorn at the movies
    *Playing with Balboa or watching Balboa sleep - he's just soooo cute

    Watching TV on the couch with my husband- we love Netflix

    Cooking (my specialties are chicken parm, sausage and peppers, chicken soup or beef stew)

    Adding another Vera Bradley-Java Blue bag to my collection

    *Watching my plants and flowers grow
    *When a Frenchie has found his/her forever family through the FBRN
    *When a restaurant cooks food that is gluten free
    *Getting a manicure and pedicure
    *A really good cup of coffee
    *Finding that perfect decoration or home decor item for my home

    Things that make me MAD: IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER

    *When evil people hurt animals and children
    *When friends and family tease me for allowing Balboa to have a blog
    *When friends and family tease me for spoiling Balboa
    *Being allergic to Gluten - missing out on lots of my favorite foods ~mainly pizza~
    *Not having enough quarters to do laundry
    *People who don't signal when making turns

    I get so nervous and feel bad choosing only three people, so I'll let Balboa randomly pick three doggies and their families..

    Balboa wants to tag Seadra and Zoe's family, Ike's family, and Goofy's family.

    Karen again, I'm in trouble.... Balboa also wanted to tag Fig, he knows that Tad did such a great job interviewing Massah, but Fig may have things to tell ONLY if she wants to, plus he just wanted to tag Fig.

    Thursday, June 28, 2007


    RESCUED DOG: Remember the dog I mentioned in my last post the one on the French Bulldog Rescue Network, the place mommy and me donated money too for Fei and Eve's pledge, well......Churchill is doing better -check out their blog. but there is still sad news. Churchill didn't have mange but an incurable skin cancer that could have been treated. Mommy just keeps saying that the volunteers at the French Bulldog Rescue Network are Angels on Earth. I asked mommy how a human could let an animal suffer like that for years without getting help, she cried and said she doesn't know. She said that she doesn't think anyone knows the answer to that question and she grabbed me close and gave me lots of hugs and kisses. I wish I could give Churchill some of those kisses. I'm so glad he is in such loving hands.

    STUPID CONDO: So you all know how much I don't like the people who make rules in our Condo place we have to pay $100.oo per month per dog. Even though mommy cleans up after me, I don't bark, and all the neighbors LOVE me, well at least the normal and dog loving neighbors love me. Well now mommy can't add anymore flowers or plants or remove an old dead shrub without asking for permissioin.
    Look what a great job she and a few other neighbors did. Imagine that whole area filled with big ugly dead bushes and no flowers at all. (Our place is on top) Next summer when the plants grow bigger it will look much better.

    She plans on adding more perennials with permision, so next summer she can just buy a few anuals for color.
    My favorite is the bright yellow perennial, I can't wait for it to get bigger next year. I love smelling it.

    Mommy's favorite is the tall green perennial next to the bush (right above the date) That one blooms in the fall, can't wait to see those flowers!!!!

    Wednesday, June 27, 2007



    My mom forgot to make more of my food last night, so she had to make more this morning. So since I didn't have my homemade food for breakfast guess what I had to eat....

    That's right..............Steak (from last night), eggs, and hasbrowns, and cheese. After I was finished I got some blueberries and carrots. HMMMMM soooo gooooood.

    Karen here: It's pretty amazing, but since I started making Balboa homemade food he rarely is stinky anymore. Even if I feed him eggs or even icecream once in a while, he rarely stinks the house up with gas fumes.

    Great, thanks for telling everyone about my gas mom. Don't pay attention to her Fig, she's losing her mind. ANYWAY, back to ME.

    Mommy has decided to boil the meat and drain it in the sink instead of baking, she says that there is less fat this way. As long as it tastes good, I don't care.

    Then she bakes everything else in the oven, and then mixes it all together.


    What else do I do after relaxing in the sun all day, well I.....

    Karen here: We only get the sun on our porch for two hours a morning. Since it was really hot we only stayed in the sun for fifteen minutes, cooler days we stay out there much longer.

    Back to ME and MY BLOG!

    So what else did I do after sitting in the sun, eating, and playing with mommy.......

    Lorenza asked about seeing me doing my tricks. Mommy got a video of me, but it's not downloading onto our blog, we'll try again later. Maybe it's for the best, since mommy obviously can't take a video and talk at the same, plus her voice is SUPER ANNOYING.


    Oh Fei and Eve reached their goal, so mommy and I made a donation to the
    French Bulldog Rescue Network.
    Karen here: When we checked the site today we saw something that made me cry uncontrollably. One dog was HORRIBLY TREATED AND NEGLECTED. Thankfully those great volunteers were there to help him and find him a foster home. It's just so disgusting what some humans are capable of.

    Sunday, June 24, 2007


    Well, it was a pretty cold weekend and mommy got a little sick from being out in the woods. ON the other hand I had the time of my life being spoiled by grandma and grandpa.


    PLUS.... Daddy works days for the summer, so I get to see BOTH mommy and daddy for dinner every day.


    And this.......

    And some of this.... hee hee.... I'm sure I'll be busier BUT it's soooo hot!!!!!!!!!

    Now there is this really cool survey going around, and I just LOVE talking about myself.......

    1. Your age? 18 months on July 5th

    2. Your age when came to live with your people? 10 weeks old

    3. What color is the collar you’re wearing right now? red

    4. Who is your favorite person other than the people you live with? Well, other than my mommy and daddy-who I LOVE- I also love my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, my neighbors, and anyone else I meet who pets me.

    5. How much do you weigh? as of one week ago I weighed 23 pounds, I'm all muscle baby. wink wink..., Fig

    6. Most expensive thing you’ve ever chewed up? ummmm, let me see, lots of decorative pillows, mommy's sunglasses, kitchen cabinets.

    7. Do you like other Dogs? Only if they like me and want to play with me, if they are mean than I don't like them.

    8. Who is your best non-human friend? I don't have any non human friends around here, but if I had to pick I guess I would say the squirrels that I try to eat everytime I see them.

    9. Squeaky Toys or Tennis Balls? SQUEAKY TOYS!!!!!!

    10. Do you like to be brushed? not really but mommy holds on to me and brushes me every week

    11. Peanut Butter or Cheese? BOTH, WHY CHOOSE????

    12. Do your people cut your nails? They tried, but I make mommy nervous because I start crying, the vet has to cut my nails.

    13. Any formal education? Yes, but I never finished, I know lots of commands even come, BUT I REFUSE TO COME.

    14. Couch potato or Energizer Bunny? Depends on if I'm tired or want to play..... I'm still young and fit.

    15. Five nicknames your people call you. Bubala, Mommy's Baby, Daddy's little guy, Bo Bo, Pooty Boy

    16. What is your best trick? shake and roll over

    17. Do you like kitties? never really met a kitty

    18. What did you have for breakfast? My homemade food and scrambeled eggs.

    19. Can you hunt (aka have you ever killed anything living)? If so, what? ants and spiders. I would love to get me a squuirrel but mommy says NO.

    20. When & why was the last time you went to the V.E.T.? 1 week ago, to get my nails cut.... see # 12

    21. Where do you sleep at night? either between my mommy's legs, curled up next to her stomach, or against her back.

    22. Do you like to swim? never tried and don't want to....

    23. Can you make puppies? no, mommy had the vet take away my manhood

    24. Your favorite place to visit? in my house mommy's bed, outside.... the neighbors, grandma and grandpa, the vet, or anyone who will give me attention.

    25. Do you give kisses? OOOOH YEAH!!!!! I love giving kisses in the mouth and up the nose-especially when they're not expected.

    26. Can you potty on command? YUP!

    27. To Cuz or not to Cuz? only if it is filled with water and frozen, I love my hedgehog balls.....

    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    This weekend

    So mommy and daddy are going camping AGAIN, but this time I get to stay with my Grandma and Grandpa. WOOOHOOO.

    When mommy and daddy have to put up a tent, tarp, and cook all their own food..... I'm gonna get tickled, played with, and fed delicous food all day, BASICALLY I'M GONNA BE SPOILED ROTTEN BY MY GRANDMA.

    When mommy and daddy have to sit in the heat all day.....I get to sit in the A/C with my grandma.

    When mommy and daddy have to sleep in an uncomforatble tent.....I get to sleep with my grandma in a room filled with COOL air.

    Mommy made a "babysitting list" to give to grandma or anyone else who watches me. I think she's crazy but she says it makes her feel to good to know what others need to do when watching me.

    I'll you all know hwo wonderful MY VACATION with grandma and grandpa was.
    Here's an old picture of me playing with my daddy at Grandma and Grandpa's house. You can see my grandpa's body in the backgroud.

    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    HMMMM, What have I been doing??????


    It's hard bein' me.


    Mommy put some cut up beef dogs in my food. HMMMMM so good!


    Grandma gave me this to destroy, I only destroyed a little before I was completley tired and needed a break.


    I love sitting with mommy on the porch, I prefer sitting in the daytime, but at night is fine too.


    Gotta look good for Fig.


    Like I said, it's hard bein' me.

    I had so much fun when Grandma and Grandpa visited that I was still tired the next day. Entertaining people is HARD WORK, but somebody's gotta do it.



    Mommy bought a few more things for the porch, so I told her where to put them, I'm so talented.




    I think we did a great job on the plants. Some of the neighbors helped too. We got rid of an old ugly bush, they added some of their plants and a pot. We have such a nice place, don't ya think?



    Mommy added another plant after she took this picture. She also bought a hose with a nozzel so she can evenly spray water and make sure all the soil is soaked and the roots get lots of water. Maybe next time she takes a picture she'll do it after she's watered the garden so it doesn't look dried out.

    Friday, June 15, 2007

    Happy Father's Day


    10 Reasons I LOVE my daddy
    1. I get my good looks from him

    2. He calls me his little guy
    3. He taught me how to box


    4. He gives me lots of kisses
    5. He rubs my belly better than anyone else

    6. If I'm tired he'll carry me to the woods LET ME EXPLAIN- Thanks catching this Sophie Brador -I do my business in the woods next to my house. If I'm tired daddy (an mommy) will carry me instead of me having to walk. Daddy also carries me when it's raining too.
    7. He bought me my own bag

    8. He lets me sleep on his belly

    9. He lets me chew on his socks and underwear, well at least sometimes
    10. He's my best friend

    Sunday, June 10, 2007

    This weekend, and a few other things...

    First let me begin with how adorable my girlfriend Fig is. Just look at her, ahhhhhhh, so lovely. She got the gifts I sent her and of course she played with the hedghog ball first - MY FAVORITE TOY.

    I had an okay weekend, but mommy was mad because she said she waited all week to sit on the porch in the sun and it was cloudy both mornings. Mommy said that in two weeks school will be over and her summer vacation will start. That means I get to sit on her lap IN THE SUN every morning, YEAH!!!!! I was mad too, besides sitting on her lap, I love laying in the sun.

    Mommy keeps adding things to AND cleaning the porch, she says it's her favorite room besides the kitchen. Daddy says if she keeps adding plants and decorations to the porch there won't be any room for people, I hope that's not true! Mommy says to pretend the barbecue tools and the big ugly yellow stick are not there, she willbe moving them shortly.
    OOOOH the basil and oregano are starting to grow. Mommy says once they get a little bigger she's gonna transfer them to rectangular pots. Of course I'll help, like I always do.

    Last night mommy sat on the porch and drank something called sangria. It had fruit in it but she said I couldn't have any because I would get sick,

    Instead she cut up some apples and pears for me. One day I will have to be sneaky and get that sangria since my MEAN MOMMY WON'T SHARE.

    After a while I got tired, so I decided to go inside and chew on one of my toys, I made sure I could still see mommy and daddy on the porch.

    Mommy got inspired from Joey and Tanner's mommy. She still makes me my own food, but she decided to add different things to the food each time I eat. One day I got cream and strawberries mixed in with my food, another time I got blueberries, see....... Mommy took a video of me eating my food, it's really dark because mom is not so smart, but you can hear me chowin' down.

    Suki started a new game, so I am going to show my baby pics. These are from my first week home with mommy and daddy. I was so tiny and puppyish then, now I'm a muscular dude with a girlfriend.