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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Create a Caption Game

This week we're using a pic from my buddy Joe Stains' blog. His mommy took these pics from their day at the dog park. I just love this picture!!!!

Remember to check the sidebar each week to see previous caption games and the winners. . ..


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Life is Good

I just love catching the sun's rays.... my only complaint its that the sun keeps moving and soon it goes away.

What's up with that?????

This is the bone, that I just LOVE, that I was talking about the other day.


I just love playing with my hedgehog balls.

Give me the ball mommy.

Come on, throw the ball mommy.

Who wants to play with me?

HA HA HA, you can't have my ball you stupid stone frenchie

HA HA HA,WHATS UP?!?!?!?!?!?!

Mommy still gives me homemade food, but now she adds dry food to it. This way she can save money (cuz she's cheap). Though I must say I really like how the two types of food taste together.

Plus I've been getting these really tasty treats.

I scratch and scratch at the closet door until I get a treat. Mommy says I can only get treats once a day, (cuz she's mean).


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Taking Care of Business

Mommy had some things to take care of and I had to help her. We are all okay, but glad to get back to our DWB family. So now I have big job ahead of me getting caught up on everyone's blog, but it will be done.
We missed last week's Caption Game----SORRY!!!! We will announce the winner from two weeks ago this week and get back to blogging.
When I wasn't helping mommy take care of business.... I was sleeping and cuddling on the couch.

I also have a new favorite chew toy, mommy got it from the vet's office. She threw out the packaging, so I don't know the name............ but I'll find out. mommy likes it because I can't (no matter how hard I try) to eat the outter hard shell. There is a peanut butter like filling inside and when that faded mommy added real peanut butter.
It's very heavy and hard, but I found a way to hold it up and CHEW it. I used an old tire toy (there used to be a rope inside, but I destroyed it) it now makes a good chew toy holder.

HMMMMM.................. I love this chew chew

When I wasn't chewing, sleeping, or helping mommy, I was playing with my daddy. I love when I get all smushed up underneath him, I feel so safe and warm.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Create a Caption Game

This week we're using a pic of my buddies Suki Sumo who who paid a visit to Ike. Looks like Ike feels bad about the torture devices on Suki Sumo's feet.

Remember to check the sidebar each week to see previous caption games and the winners. . .

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dad's Stinky feet, cuddling, and Evil Snow

So, mommy will post the weekly caption game and winner tomorrow!.... We had a long talk and I think mommy has learned her lesson about ignoring my blog!!!!!

Daddy's stinky feet were bothering me AGAIN.......... so I had to teach those stinky feet a lesson.

After attacking stinky feet, a long rest was in order! Even though daddy's feet stink, he's a great cuddler. I love my daddy.

I really hate the snow!!!!!! But mommy thinks its funny to take pics of me in the snow, I hope she falls on her butt.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

PUNISHMENT and Create a Caption Game

MOMMY IS MEAN AND LAZY!!!! SHE MUST BE PUNISHED!!!!! She has forgotten about my blog and all my friends. When I do something naughty, I get in trouble (okay sure I get lots of kisses, hugs, and treats later on), but that's not the point. Mommy NEEDS to be punished and taught a lesson. Any thoughts on how she should be punished???????


Because mommy has spent more time on her STUPID work and not my blog, this week's caption is pretty lame. The arm belongs to my mommy and that is "Molly" the garden Frenchie we got from the French Bulldog Rescue Network.

Please send all complaints directly to my mommy's email!

She promises that she will help me log on today and tomorrow and slowly catch up on all my friends blogs.
So, in the mean time, here's what I have been doing while I wait for mommy to put all her work down and play with me.