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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Create a Caption Game

This week we're using a picture of Toby LittleDude, his dad, and some other frisky dog and his mommy.
I am glad we decided to let Daddy pick the winner each week, boy it was a hard decision for daddy~they're all so good! I would not AND could not choose between my friends. Daddy doesn't know any of the doggies so he doesn't feel bad choosing only one dog, he just reads the captions and chooses the best one, in his opinion. Mommy and me think they're all great.

Remember to check the sidebar each week to see previous caption games and the winners.


Koobuss said...

What is this caption game all about? Can I play?
What do you do? Where and when is the picture posted? Looks like a lot of fun!

Koobuss Kisses,

Lorenza said...

Are you going to talk to me or not??

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Frisky dog: I'll position my snout so that when Toby turns, he'll kiss me. :)

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Hmmm, this is not easy but I'll give it a try anyway.

Toby: "I'm NOT amused!"

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

Toby, I only talk to other white dogs, now go away.

Simba xx

Ruby Bleu said...

That's a good one Simba!

Frisky Dog: Did you hear about the one with the little white fluffy dog?

Toby: What?

Texas's Mum said...

Hey Balboa,
Well this is my 1st try
so hear go's.

Toby: Get away from me I'm
just not that into you.

I hope thats ok.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Ferndoggle said...

Toby: If you give me a wet willy, I will pee on your head.


Harry said...

Toby: Yes, for the zillionth time, I understand you're fluffy and not fat, now leave me in peace!

Toodle pip,

Harry x

Suki & Joey said...

Toby: Uh, sorry chick, I'm just not into redheads. Don't take it personally.

Oh, and yes, Stanley's Mom is coming to visit me, but I don't want to say too much about the visit until she says why she's coming to Florida ;)

Puggy kisses

Toby said...

Thanks Balboa for picking a picture of me!! Am I allowed to play?


Seadra & Zoe said...

Frisky Dog to Toby:
Why doesn't your hair match your masters? My hair matches my masters hair.

Pug Mommy said...

What do you mean you need me to get out of your "personal space"?

Ike said...

I am so bad at this game!

Stanley said...

Hey, Balboa. Here's my try this week.

Pom Red Head: "Hey. You have some cat poo left on your 'stache, man. Are you gonna eat that?"

Goob love,

Clover said...

"Oh my dog, she is looking at me. Dad, get me away from her."

Love Clover xo

4xBs said...

we are lame at this game, but we like what Stanley said. can we vote?

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Do not move your nose any nearer to my ear. Get that Ginger?


Toby said...

Toby, "You're invading my pawsonal space!!!"

WaymanWynn said...

"...and another thing! Are you listening?"

Ume said...

Frisky Pom: Hey Handsome, u smell lovely! did u just roll in poop?