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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nothing much going on

Lately, I've been chewing on my "chew chew" as mommy says. Karen here: It;s the only thing Balboa will chew on that doesn't seem to make him sick or mess up the rug.

Hey you have your own blog mommy, don't use mine! HMPH!

I'm also doing a lot of sleeping, lately I've been sleeping with tosy in my mouth. I will find the perfect toy, get all snuggly, bite down, and fall asleep. Any other doggies need to sleep with toys in their mouths?

I heard that its gonna start raining again. Last time it rained mommy made me wear this stupid raincoat, I better hide it before she finds it again. Why can't I just pee and poop on the rug?????

If she tries to make me wear it again, I gonna be really ANGRY!

Mommy and me wanted to thank everyone for playing our Create a Caption game. We decided to let daddy pick his favorite each week. We figured daddy was a fair judge and mommy and me wouldn't feel guilty and picking only one of our friends.

The winner and their comment will be posted on the sidebar for a week.


Duke & Gidget said...

Hey Balboa, I fall asleep with a toy in my mouth all the time. You never can tell when somebody is going to come along and try to steal it from you, so I've got to protect it at all times. And I agree with you about the no pooping or peeing indoors thing. It would be way more convenient for everybody if we could just go on the carpet.


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...


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Bussie Kissies

Suki said...

Well I have never had to wear a raincoat, but Mom is threatening to buy one for me because I refuse to go outside in the rain and end up doin' it on the rug, too! I don't know why this is a problem for her.

Puggy kisses

Luckie Girl said...

You definately showed your Mom how unhappy you are about wearing that ridiculous rain coat. BAH! A total waste of time.

Suki Sumo said...

Thank you, I am glad to see somedoggy else understands the merits of making the pee pee and poops in the house! But I love the rain - so much that I try to follow mommy into the shower and get a little miffed when I can't hop in.

Amber-Mae said...

Oooo, yummy chew! Haha, you look sooo funny in that raincoat. I hate wearing those stuff too. My hooman just bought one for each of us too but it's the disposable one. I hate it! I just wanna rip it up!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Momo :) said...

hahaah.. Balboa, you don't look happy at all when you had a raicoat on. I have a pink one.

Momo xoxo

Jake of Florida said...

Hi Balboa,

We just met on the chat and trolled over to shake your paw. Guess what, we too have those horrid yellow raincoats cause it rains a lot here in South Florida. But we squirm so much when Mom tries to put them on us that we get to go outside anyway without them. Then we come back all wet and get toweled off -- better than those slickers, huh?

Come visit,

Jake and Just Harry

Seadra & Zoe said...

Hi Balboa....Yes, I too sleep with my toys in my mouth. It's always a stuffie toy and I actually suckle and paw on them. Mom calls them my security blankets. I'll do a post about my "nookies" (that's what we call them) soon. Thanks for the idea.

Love, Seadra

Anonymous said...

I knew a golden retriever who used to sleep with a blankie in his mouth, all bunched up between his paws. It was adorable. Balboa seems to know where to go for security -- his toys will protect him!

This is Sophie Brador's personal assistant. She would post herself, but she's too busy relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.

Joe Stains said...

Tanner has one of those same chew things but his is yellow and looks really gross because he chewed it all up. I hate my raincoat too!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Balboa.
I like to sleep having near to me my balls.
I like your raincoat but looks like you are not happy with it!
Have a good night

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

i sleep with my stuufed animals in my mouth too!!!!!-- and i kneed. I have a little routine where i grab my 'babies' and put it on mom's lap on her 'chair' and take a nice nap with my babies in my mouth.


Snowball said...

I sleep with my stuffy under my chin but never sleep with them in my mouth. Thats not very lady like, you know...


Bella said...

hee hee Balboa - you do not look impressed with having to wear your raincoat !!!
I think it's so funy that you can fall asleep with toy/treat in mouth!!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

chew chew nylon bone that tasty?

Graham & Prince said...

Brilliant pictures! Balboa looks decidedly unhappy with the raincoat! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog - it was very kind, and now I can amuse myself by reading all about Balboas exploits!

Stanley said...


Is your chewie like a binky for a hooman pup? My girl thinks you're cute no matter what you're doing.

As for me, I don't need something in my mouth to go to sleep, but when I go outside to pee the first thing I do is go pick up one of my rubber balls or my pink flamingo and then go squat for a pee release. Strange, I know, but that way I never pee alone!

Nice angry face! You're so expressive.

Your goober bud,