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Monday, April 30, 2007


My beautiful, sweet, and talented girlfriend FIG wrote me a wonderful poem. I'm not as talented as Fig, so while I'm pondering waht to do..................

this shows how I feel about her.

Since we can't meet I created a picture of how cute we would look together.

If we met I'd let you sleep on my bed, chew my toys, share my snacks, let you drink out of the water bowl first, and give you lots of kisses.


There is something wrong with Santino, I thought he would be normal. I think he needs to be put on medication.

The following list is in order (#1 is most annoying, #6 is least annoying but still needs to stop)
1) He keeps biting and pulling at my neck and lips

2) He keeps mounting me.
3) He keeps trying to eat my food and treats.
4) He wants to play with toys that I want, he just got to them first. (I try to take them away, and then he goes to bite me)
5) I try to play with him, but then he repeats #'s 1 & 2 all over again.

6) He has to go outside all the time, even at night when we're sleeping (something about being too young to hold it in all night) --- I sleep with Mommy in bed, Santino has to stay in the crate because he may wet the bed AND wants to play when I'm sleeping

Mommy and daddy keep saying that he is only three months old and will eventually understand when I say no, or stop playing, or that's mine. They stop him from biting, but then he comes back and does it all over again. They also say that I have to continue telling him that I don't want to be mounted, I do BUT HE DOESN'T LISTEN!!!!!!!

They say I bit a lot when I was younger and it took me months to hold it in all night. They say that I was peeing all over the house and chewing all their good furniture and clothes. I think they're lying and just saying that so I'll be nice to Santino. Eventually I'm going to hurt him. Eventually it's gonna be me or him.

Any advice?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

My little brother

This is my little brother Santino, he's a BUG (Pug/Boston Terrier mix).
So far this is what I like about Santino.
1) His name
2) That his eyes turn blue in pictures (they're really brown)
3) He gives lots of kissses just like me
4) He's cute, but not cuter than me, right my sweet, adorable Fig
4) We can run around the house and play tag.

Things I don't like about Santino
1) He keeps trying to mount me.
2) He keeps sniffing my but and then tries to mount me.
3) He ate some of my food, then tried to mount me.
4) He keeps biting my lips
5) His really long tail keeps hitting me in the head.

This kid is crazy, I thought I had a lot of energy! He finally slept for a while. I just hope he calms down or mom may have to give him a tranquilizer.

Friday, April 27, 2007


I wish it was tomorrow morning now, I can't wait to meet Santino, I just hope he likes me. I'm happy but nervous too, I hope I make a good big brother. I'm thinking about all the things I have to teach Santino.

Joe Stains asked me about that blue thing daddy and I were using to play tag. Mommy found it in the grocery store down the pet isle. It is a soft rubber dumbell that has a low squeak (it used to be really loud but I killed it). She doesn't remember the name, but when she goes shopping she'll see if there's any more so she can give the information.

Mommy finally bought me a cuz, and she got me a big one to make up for taking so long to get it. She bought Santino one too, I let him have the green one, because that's what big brothers do. Can you see some carrot chunks on the floor? Little pieces fall out of my mouth when I eat. Mommy tries to make me eat them, but I like watching her pick them up! hee hee

Everytime mommy throws one of my toys, I run to get it and I always move the rug when. Mommy is constantly moving back to where she wants it, why doesn't she just buy the liner so it won't move? Mommy is so silly sometimes!

Here's a pic for my Fig, If I was there I'd give you a big kiss on your cute little nose. SMOOOOOOOOCH! wink, wink.......

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I'm gonna be a big brother!

Mommy and daddy are adopting a little boy. Mommy's friend adopted him first, but thinks he will be better fit in our home. He is a three month old pug/boston terrier mix. His name is Jasper, but mommy and daddy are going to call him Santino. He likes to play, chew, play, fart (sweeter smelling farts now that we have homemade food), cuddle, play, and eat just like me. I think I'm gonna make a great older brother. Santino will be here on Saturday.

Mommy says I'll have share some toys and the bed, that is fine. I JUST WON'T SHARE MY GIRLFIREND. Shout out to my sweet Fig, you're my good luck charm! wink wink, smooooooch, smooooooch! Oooh la la!

I am so excited, mommy is almost crying and daddy can't wait to meet him. They are a little worried, because they have to pay that STUPID DOG FEE, $100 PER DOG, PER MONTH. Mommy says she thinks we'll be okay with the money, because we will have so much love in our home.

I'll have to teach Santino so many things.

Where to find the best spot in the house to hide and relax.

How to get daddy to tickle you and give you lots of belly rubs.

How to act silly when company comes over, so you can get lots of attention.

How to be cool!

How to tear up boxes.

Most importatnly, how to find the best spot in bed and cuddle with mommy.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It must be fate.

Here's Fig, my cutie. Isn't she adorable? Now look at this beautiful pic of her.

Then look at this pic of me. We're almost in the same pose. Now isn't that fate? The date on my pic is obviously wrong, mommy got confused in the new year! Mom's lucky she has me or she'd be lost.
Anyway, don't we make the best couple? If only we were closer.......................
at least in my dreams, Dear Fig.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Busy Weekend

Thanks for all your support with that scarey dog walker. Mommy e-mailed them and left a phone message, but she has heard nothing. That makes mommy even madder.

Anyway, we had fun this weekend.

Mommy's parents came up on Saturday. Ray was working on the bathroom, (daddy's not very handy) and Carol played with me. After a while I got really tired. We sat on the couch together, she kept saying how exhausted I looked. Well if she hadn't kept forcing me to play with her I wouldn't be so tired! hmmph! She didn't even rub my but!
I'm trying to sleep, but mommy keeps taking pictures of me.
Mommy found some other pics from during the week and weekend.
Daddy took a picture of mommy and me sleeping. Daddy's not very quiet and he woke us up. Daddy begged us to pretend we were still sleeping and then we could yell at him later. We agreed but instead of yelling at him mommy told me some more jokes about Daddy. Boy, were they funny jokes. hee hee.

Close-up of me sleeping on a different night.
This is a picture of daddy and me playing a while ago. I love playing pull games.

This looks like daddy is hurting me and I'm biting him. But we're really having fun. I like to nibble on daddy's hands and I never hurt him. Daddy says its a guy thing, because I don't do it with mommy. Mommy says it's because daddy has sweaty stinky hands and they probably taste good to me. Can't a dude just nibble on someone's hands without a reason!

Friday, April 20, 2007

A scarey thing, venting, and a recipe

First, the scarey thing.... I was so scared today, daddy is working days this week, so mommy had the dog walker come during the day (since they are both at work). My usual walker did not come, AND the person who came did not come till 3:30 (they were supposed to come about 12:30-1:00). He didn't know how to put on my harnass and took me out by wrapping the leash around my neck and I didn't have my tags incase I ran away because I was sooooo scared. I just wanted to go home, luckily mommy and daddy came home at the same time the man was bringing me back in the house. I knew from mommy's face she was mad. At first I thought she was mad at me, but she gave me lots of hugs and kisses. Daddy carried me right in and we sent an e-mail to the owner. Daddy thinks maybe because this person is new he didn't have mommy's number to call and say he would be late, so mommy could call a neighbor to let me out. When mommy gets mad she really gets mad, more mad than when I pee on the floor or chew a pillow, I mean really mad. She says its because she loves me very much and wants to protect me from all the bad things in the world. Daddy gave me lots of hugs and kisses. I feel much safer now that they are home.

Now the venting..... My mommy has been trying to adopt a brother or sister for me. But nothing has worked out. She is so sad, she wants to adopt a Frenchie or Boston (so we will have similar breathing and exercise issues??? I don't know what she is talking about.) Anyway nothing has worked out. I would love a brother or sister too, so we can play together all the time, give each other kisses, destroy boxes and socks together, and keep eachother company when mommy and daddy go to work. Daddy says when its meant to be it will happen, but mommy and I want a sibling NOW! So mommy will keep trying to adopt another furry child, and hopefully I won't be an only child to much longer.

(this was written up yesterday, but I had to add the scary and venting part)
Now the Recipe.....
My mommy has been making my food at home. She did a lot of research and was given a recipe that included all the nutrients that I need. I'll let my mommy explain the recipe.

Hi Balboa's mommy here. This is the recipe I make for Balboa. Since eating this food (about three weeks now) there have been no side effects, the stinkiness of his gas has significantly decreased.

I also have stopped buying any store bought treats. For snacks or rewards Balboa gets carrots, apples, pears, bananas, cheese, peanut butter, strawberries, and bluberries. He loves eating healthy and I feel better about what I am feeding him.

To keep his teeth and gums healthy, I do feed him Old mother Hubbard mixed puppy biscuits.

Please check with your vet before trying this recipe. I already spoke to Balboa's vet.

5 lbs ground beef or mixed with ground turkey (raw)
1 1/2 lbs carrots (raw)
5-6 potatoes (not the big baking potatoes!)
1 1/2 cups brown rice (already cooked)
1/2 cup lentils or beans (canned)
1 1/2 cups fat free plain yogurt
2 cup natural applesauce
3 eggs
15 oz canned pumpkin

Put eggs, carrots, potatoes, beans, and pumpkin in blender. Mix blended ingredients with beef, rice, yogurt, and applesauce. I cook the food in two pans 350 degrees for about 1/2 hour- check to make sure meat is cooked.

***Once cooked I drain the mixture in a collander and also pat the grease off the food.***

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Name

Continuing with Lola, Sherman, and Penny's awesome idea "where did you get your name?'..... So Daddy was going to name me Vito, but someone else picked that name for their doggie. Mommy said how about Bambino, but someone else chose a very similar name for their dog. So then daddy decided on Balboa, he though such a big and tough name would be perfect for me. They say I have lived up to the name. I try, why do you think I'm always destroying toys and boxes??????

Mommy says I look like Rocky Balboa when I wear my hoodie. What do you think? I think I could take on Rocky Balboa.

My nicknames are Bubbalah, Pooty boy, Momma's boy, Daddy's Little Guy, Bo Bo, Stinky, My Baby, and one that I'm not allowed to write on the blog.

Well, aside from writing about my name, not much going on here. It's the usual being spoiled, given yummy food, lots of belly rubs, being chased, destroying boxes, alerting mommy and daddy to noises, chasing flashlights, etc......

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Silly, Silly Weekend

Well, I had one busy weekend. Not only do I get to see both my mommy and daddy on the weekends but Aunt Janet came up to visit (mommy's sister). We had so much fun.
Aunt Janet's a little crazy though, she was making all these silly sounds and noises. Sometimes I like to jump on the couch, walk onto top of her, and lick her forehead. She screams, but I know she likes it.
Mommy was acting really silly too. She loves to play tug with my toys using her teeth. I think it's real funny because she makes these silly faces. I have so much fun with mommy.
Mommy and Aunt Janet's sillines rubbed of me and I started ripping apart a shopping bag. Normally a shopping bag is not worth my time, but I was caught up in the silliness. Anyway, I make this funny face for the camera. I had Mommy and Aunt Janet laughing so hard, they were crying.
I also had fun with daddy. I love when he tickles and tickles me. He's such a good tickler. I look really mad in this pic, but I'm really laughing so hard. Mommy saw how much fun we were having, she put the camera away and got on the floor to play with us. We all had so much fun.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Future Frenchie Model

I was chilin' with my mommy and she started fooling around with the camera. Can you see the peanut butter stains from where I ate my kong?

Me smiling at my mommy who was making silly noises. She's so funny.

My serious look, what d'ya think?

What's up dude?

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Missin' mommy

Mommy had to go back to work this week. It's not fair, why can't mommy stay home with me all day. I get to see her when she gets home, but I love playing with her all day and night. Mommy said if she doesn't go to work then she can't buy me all those great toys, delicious food, and cool clothes, oh and pay for that stupid dog fee our condo makes us pay. I think while mommy is at work I'm gonna pee on all their cars, but first I have to find out how to get out of the house without daddy seeing me. Anyway, the weekend's almost here, and that's when I get mommy and daddy all to myself. Yeah!

Oh, I had a great Easter. My mommy and daddy's parents came up. I got lots of attention. After a while I just wanted to sleep, but they kept wanting to play and play and play. Don't they ever get tired?!?!?!?

I thought I saw a squirrel in his mouth (my mommy's daddy)
Mommy likes to play around with the colors
in pictures, I say just leave them alone.

Grandma Lorraine told a funny joke about daddy. We just laughed
and laughed, daddy didn't think it was too funny.

I think daddy's still a little upset about the joke,
mommy thinks it's funny too.

P.S. Mommy and daddy say thank you for all the nice comments about their anniversary.
They say their best gift is having me for a son.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

My Parent's Anniversary

Today was my mommy and daddy's anniversary. They've been married 6 years.
Aren't they cute.

By the way, I have forgiven my mommy. As I was going through some pictures
I saw this one of my mommy and me. I decided I love her too much and have
forgiven her, besides what would she do without me.

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL. Hope everyone's day is filled with lots of food, hugs, and kisses.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mad at Mommy

First of all....

Mommy was talking to daddy this morning and kept ignorning me so I got angry. She saw me chewing on my bed and got mad. She said I was lookin' to be bad. Just because I got into the bathroom garbage, grabbed papers out of the closet, and chewed my bed. Well maybe she shouldn't have ignored me. Maybe mommy is lookin' to mean.


Mommy tricked me into going to the vet by saying I was going to play. Well she lied, I had to get four shots. I was scared and it hurt a little, but I was very brave. I didn't cry or try to run away. Mommy kept saying I was brave and how much she loved me. If she loves me why did she stand there and let me get four shots. If she really loved me she would have gotten some shots too.


I'm going to ignore mommy. If she calls me I'm going to walk the other way. If she wants hugs or kisses I'm not gonna give them. If she wants to give me treats, I'll starve, just to prove a point. That'll teach her a lesson............. Well, maybe I'll take the treats and run.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Helping clean the house

I am so happy mommy's home this week. We played lots of games and went for a walk.

Daddy and mommy are trying to get ready for Easter. Since they repainted and made some improvments, they want to have Easter at our house. I think it's great, because I can show off all my toys and play with lots of people.

As mommy and daddy were cleaning up, I got to help by ripping boxes to shreds. I love destroying boxes. It's so much fun. I almost knocked mommy over when I was destroying the box, I get so into what I'm doing that I don't focus on anything else.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Weekend Fun

This weekend was fun. Both mommy and daddy are home. I love when they are home together and I can play with them at the same time. Plus I get extra hugs and kisses. We watch movies on the couch at night, all cuddled up together. It feels so nice.

There is good news, though, mommy is on vacation this week, but daddy still has to work. But they will both be home during the day. HOOOOORRRAAAAAY!

My mommy's parents came up this weekend too, but we're not allowed to call them grandma and grandpa. That makes me sad, I know it makes mommy sad too. Mommy says they're too uptight and need to relax. Daddy's parents don't mind, in fact Grandma Lorraine loves to be called Grandma, she gives me tons of hugs and kisses, and lets me sleep on her couch.

We're all rolling around on the floor, playing with the camera.

I love playing sock monster with mommy.

Daddy and me playing tug with one of my toys. It's from Christmas, I keep trying, but I can't destroy it. Any tips?

Giving my daddy goodnight kisses, I love sleeping on his belly.

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