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Monday, December 21, 2009

He's BAAAAAAACK & Got Some Lovin'

Thanks for all your well wishes about Anthony, he is doing much better. He is back to "army crawling" all over the floor. What is "army crawling" well according to mommy it is when a baby is too young to normall crawl. So they crawl on their arms and stomach. And, boy can Anthony do that all over the living room floor. He's taking over the whole place.


He's supposed to stay on that play mat, but OH NO, he's gotta move all around. See!!!! See his legs on the rug!!!!!

Okay, now for picture of the star of the blog. ME!!!! Mommy is rubbing my neck, oh yeah I really like that . About time I am treated like the king around here.

Give me some love mommy, right on my eye, the way I like it. I love my mommy.

I hope I get all this lovin' on Christmas Eve. Mommy and daddy are having Christmas Eve at our place. MOmmy's parents, sister and Brother-in-law are all coming over. I better get extra butt rubs, and EXTRA FOOD. OR I WILL PEE ALL OVER THE PLACE, YEAH YOU HEARD ME. PEE ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Mommy missed out joining the Holiday Card Exchange, so we are going to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My new friend & he's sick


I have a new friend, she's all mine and Anthony can't have her!!!!!

My mom put an add in our complex for a high school student to help out during weekdays by walking me so I can do my business. Well Caroline responded, I like her, she lets me sniff whatever I want for as long as I want and thinks its funny. She thinks I'm cute and asks for kisses all the time. She gives me a puperoni after each walk.

The best part is mommy has to pay her, ha ha ha



Anthony has been pretty sick which means that I get deprived of my precious beauty sleep.

He's always coughing, snoring and making noises when he breathes. Mommy has to give him medicine out of a machine to help him stop making noises.

I think is called broncho-lightus. I never heard of that, How do you get sick with bronco that lights up???? Figures only ANthony would get that. So I hope he gets better soon, SO I CAN GO BACK TO SLEEP.

Monday, December 07, 2009

He wants to be like ME!

I guess that I am one super cool dog, because I think Anthony wants to be like me.

Lately he has been making noises like me. He has been growling and grunting and trying to eat everything that is in his reach. I swear I think he is has even tried to grab me just to bit on me. Even mommy said that he is trying to be like me.

Now I know you think I am exxagerating or going crazy so I got the proof!!!!!!

Now do you believe me??????? Do you see the look on my face? What is going on? Maybe I should start acting like him?

Ummmmm what DO babies do?

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Is this right????

So after reading Jake and Just Harry's post on how they get place cards on the table I began to think..

I am older than Anthony and have lived with mom and dad longer too. Therefore, shouldn't I get what he gets or more?!?!?!?! I know he's a baby and can't eat or drink on his own, heck he can't even go outside to poop. He gets to poop in the house in his diaper. Seriously if I did that, well I think you know what would happen!!!!!

I should get to sit at the table on my own chair, I should get a huge bed with lots of wood to chew on, I should get what everyone else is eating on a plate, I should get my own room WITH MY CHOICE OF PAINT COLOR. I actually like the color blue they chose, but that's not the point. I want to be able to choose.

So, I have a feeling that I may not get all that or even some of that. So my only hope is to wait until Anthony starts talking and get him to help me out. So I guess I better be nice to him, maybe I can start by taste testing his baby food to make sure its safe to eat and chewing his toys to make sure they are safe to play with, and chewing his socks to make sure they are resistent to tears. Yeah, that will definately show Anthony I am his buddy. I just hope he starts talking soon.

Now I'll say goodnight, at least I have the couch all to myself..... for now.