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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Create a Caption Game

This week we're using a picture of my buddy Lorenza and her friend Spike playing.

I am glad we decided to let Daddy pick the winner each week, boy it was a hard decision for daddy~they're all so good! I would not AND could not choose between my friends. Daddy doesn't know any of the doggies so he doesn't feel bad choosing only one dog, he just reads the captions and chooses the best one, in his opinion. Mommy and me think they're all great.

Remember to check the sidebar each week to see previous caption games and the winners.


Girasol said...

I think Lorenza said: "hey, don't take off my shirt"

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Yeah I won last week's caption. :)
This week's photo is so cute too

Lorenza:"Hey, stop staring at my chest!"

~ Girl girl

Maya and Kena said...

Mmm.... we think Lorenza said:

" should check your ears more often!!"

Lorenza said...

Spike, what are you trying to do???

Joe Stains said...

OMDOG you said I look fat in this shirt?!

Simba said...

what do you mean, strips are fattening!

Simba xx

Simba said...

strips! Stripes, silly mummy.

Simba xx

Amber-Mae said...

Congrats to GG!

Lorenza: "Excuse me Spike! Up here please!"

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Asta said...

Spike to Lorenza...."awe you saying these stwipes make my eaws look biggew??..You can't be sewious"
have a gweat day
smoochie kisses

Stanley said...

Lorenza: "Hey, Spike! You don't need to check. I already TOLD you I'm wearing deordorant!"

Goob love,

Biggie-Z said...

You KNOW my stylist said never to mix plaid and stripes, so stay away from my paparazzi!

(Found you from Dogs With Blogs)
Hugs, Biggie