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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tagged Again!

Flossikens tagged me, so I'll add some MORE facts about me.

1. I love to eat ants, once an ant got stuck on my lip and mommy had to get it off. She was really grossed out. As soon as it fell on the ground I picked it up and ate it, I made sure it went straight down to my tummy.

2. All my neighbors know and LOVE me, even the kids love me. They all say hi and give me lots of attention. Except for those evil dog haters who make mommy and daddy pay that STUPID DOG FEE.

3. If you don't know already, mommy and daddy have to pay $100.00 a month fine for having me. Some people don't like doggies. I wish I could pee and poop on all their faces.

4. I once destroyed a stuffed toy in five minutes. By destroy I mean.... ripped it open DIGESTED the stuffing. I get awful sick, but I love it.

5. I need to be aware of all changes in my house. If mommy or daddy changes something without letting me know I get very angry, bark at, and try to get rid of the new "thing" in our condo.

6. I like to lay on the vents in our condo. I like the heat in the winter and the A/C in the summer.

7. We had this blog for a long, long time, but we didn't know about DWB. So we opened a MySpace page, but that was silly. Mostly just pictures and all these weird people trying to add us as friends. So we started using this blog again and found DWB. I shut down the MySpace page, started blogging, and the rest is HISTORY.....

8. When I'm not in the crate or my mommy's room, I bark when I hear someone near our door I bark,. Except when it's mommy or daddy. I can tell when mommy or daddy are at the door, I'm smart like that.

9. I used to be kept in a crate when my parents were not home, now I get to stay in my parent's room. They put the pillows, socks, and underwear away because I will eat anything I find. I never mess up the bed, in fact I like to sleep on the bed because it smells like mommy and daddy.

10. When my parent's leave I get a kong filled with peanut butter. That's another one of my favorite foods.

11. I have my own Zip Top Tote. Daddy bought it for me. My name is on it!

12. Most of the time I pee and poop out in the woods, accross the parking lot. But if it's late at night, early in the morning, or if I JUST have to pee I pee on the WizDog out on the porch. It works, it keeps the pee off my paws and looks nice out there - that is when mom removes the old paper and actually CLEANS!!!!!

OOOOH mommy has a question..............
Hi, Karen here, Balboa's mommy. Some of you have other words instead of "comments" at the end of your posts, like, "licks", "poops", or "grunts". How did you do that? I just can't figure it out......

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pawsome facts about me AND other things

1. My first name was Ulysses, but daddy took one look at me and said I look like a Balboa.

2. My favorite toy is the Hedgehog ball. I just love to run around the house with it in my mouth while mommy tries to catch me, but I'm just to fast for her! See the pic of me with my favorite toy?
3. I still squat when I pee, I see other guys lift their legs, but I like to be different.

4. I love to sit on my mommy's lap on the porch and watch the leaves blow, birds fly around, and cars pass by.

5. The only time I get really mad and show my "I mean business" teeth is when mommy tries to file or cut my nails. I don't bite, but I have to show my anger somehow!

6. I eat lots of healthy food, but my favorite snack is cheese. I LOVE CHEESE. I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR CHEESE, well, except .....see #7

7. I refuse to come when called. I can sit, stay, down, roll over, shake, wait, up (couch), okay (go down the 5 stairs), BUT I WILL NOT COME WHEN CALLED. Mommy says we are going to be working on that, Yeah we'll see! Don't hold your breath mommy!
8. Oh man this is embarrasing, but..... I have one inverted nipple, the rest are fine. It always gets dirty and mommy has to clean it.

9. I don't like taking baths, but I deal with it for treats. I try to watch mommy or daddy when they take a shower or bath. I'm just amazed they don't try to get out like me.
10. I stick my face on my mommy and daddy's lap until I get their food. Even though mommy gives some of her food with my food, I still want more. I'm a growing boy dude! CAN YOU SEE ME?

11. When mommy cleans my ears or around my eyes, I HAVE to smell what she removed. It's an obsession I just CAN'T break. - Gross, I know.

12. Finally, I realized that I lay down very similar to my girlfriend Fig, check it out. Isn't awesome. You have to look real close to see my other leg, but it's there! We both lay down with one leg out and one leg under, but Fig is a lot cuter!


Well, mommy and daddy are back from camping. They had an alright time. Mommy waited a while to book her camping spot, she thought all the spots were the same. But the one they got was right next to the bathroom and had no privacy at all. They were very upset and it kinda ruined the reason they went camping - privacy and relaxation. It serves them right for going without me!

So mommy booked for labor day (she can always get a refund if they decide not to go). They walked around and checked out all the other sites. They got a nice camping ground and mommy is kinda thinking about bringing me. Her and daddy have to talk.

Anyway, I had a good time at Marta's Vineyard. I did miss mommy and daddy, but I got LOTS of attention. Mommy made sure that they added the TLC package on which gives me even more time with the staff.

Monday, May 28, 2007

I've been taged by Bella

I've been tagged by Bella to tell 7 Pawsome facts about myself. It's been a busy weekend, so I'll post on Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Being Silly

Before I get to the silly pics, mommy and daddy are going camping this weekend. I can't go so I'm a little upset, I always wanted to go camping. I begged my mommy to let me go with them. Mommy and daddy are scared that I might run away, since I don't come when called, I might run off to find something cool and then get lost.

So I'm going to
Marta's Vineyard, I get my own room and lots of attention. I will miss my mommy, since I always have to be near her, so I might be a little scared and mad for a while. I just might not eat my food the whole time, or at least until I get really hungry. My parents are leaving on Friday and will pick me up on Sunday. Maybe next time I can go with them. I guess I should work on coming when called so they will feel safer about bringing me along. Well, maybe I'll think about it.

OH and most doggies think I look like Stitch. That's cool. He's funny, naughty and cute, JUST LIKE ME.

So, I've been tagged by Goofy to post silly pics of myself. Well, we had fun going through all my photos and picking the ones that were the silliest.

Here's daddy tickling my tummy, I'm laughing so hard.
Another time daddy is tickling my tummy,
my ears got pushed back so I look like an alien.

Me TRYING to sleep under pillows on my mommy and daddy's bed.
Me acting silly when my Aunt Janet was visiting.
I was ripping apart a bag and making funny faces.

When I was a baby, mommy and daddy tried to get me used to
being carried around in a bag, but after a while I got to BIG.

Mommy says I look like a sausage in this pic. She likes the fat rolls on my legs. That's not nice. I could point out her areas of fat, there are plenty, but I won't be that mean.

Now, I'm tagging..... Fig my sweety, Tad, and Sherman, Lola and Penny. I hope none of you have already been tagged. I wish I could tag everybody, I hate leaving people out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Who do I look like?

I haven't been tagged, but there is some confuison in my

house over who I look like.

Daddy says I look like Yoda. Mommy thinks I look like Stitch.

Some neighbors say I look like Rocky.

What do you think?




Who do I most look like?
None, I'm too handsome
Free polls from

Friday, May 18, 2007

I've been busy....

Now that mommy is finally done with her business I finally get to use the computer. Well a lot has happened..................

1) I had so much fun on Mother's Day.

First I was a lilttle calmer then usual. I get really car sick and nervous, so mommy and daddy have to give me a Tranquilizer (don't worry its 1/2 a small pill). So I would have been a lot wilder, but I still had fun.

Before, we got to my mommy's parent's house we stopped by my Aunt Janet's fiance's house. I got to play with their dog Rocky. Mommy forgot to bring her camera, so there are no pics of Rocky and Balboa. Rocky is 1/2 huskie and 1/2 labrador. He's really cool loooking, he different shades of gray with blue eyes. We had so much fun playing, he kept jumping over me and I kept chasing him. Hopefully next time we visit Carol and Ray we can stop by and say hi to Rocky.

Then, we got to see Carol and Ray (my mommy's parents). Ray always plays with me and I like to sit on the couch with my butt on Carol.

Aunt Janet played out side with me. They have a fenced in yard, so I got to run around in the sun without having to be on the leash.

Mommy says she loves this picture of me having fun outside.

By the end of the day, I was so tired I couldn't even move. If Fig was there, we'd just cuddle, kiss, and sleep in the sun.

2) We had a really bad storm Wednesday night. Mommy got scared, she saw all these trees falling and cars swerving. She didn't think she was going to make it home. When she finally got home, she was soaked. She put up all these candles, got out the flashlights, and took food out of the fridge for us to eat (she didn't want open it later on if there was no power). She even put some sheets and pillows in the bathroom to get ready incase the worst happened. We don't have a basement, so we the bathroom is probably the safest place. Luckily we didn't lose power, but lots of people in our town did. Mommy keeps say how lucky she is that she arrived home safe and I was safe at home. Her worst fear was that something happened to me or if she couldn't get me (daddy was working nights).

3) Because of the storm the schools are closed (daddy's a night custodian) so, he didn't have to go to work Thursday night. But then he had to work today during the day. So I was home all alone today-that's sad. But then I got to play with mommy and daddy when they got home-so that's good. I LOVE WHEN MOMMY AND DADDY ARE HOME TOGETEHR, I HAVE SO MUCH FUN. I WISH MOMMY AND DADDY WERE HOME ALL DAY AND NIGHT. Mommy says if she and daddy didn't work they wouldn't be able to buy me toys, clothes, food, or even pay that stupid dog fee.

4) Mommy found out that Santino has found his forever family!!!! He was adopted bya family int Windsor, CT. Their family dog recently passed away. He fit right in and they just love him to pieces. Mommy, daddy, and me are very happy that Satino is happy!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Problems with computer

we've been having problems with our computer, so I couldn't check out anyone's blogs or post anything. We are getting back on track.

Hope everyone is doing fine.

As soon as mommy takes care of some business, then I can get back to my blog friends and girlfriend.


Saturday, May 12, 2007


My girlfriend, Fig, sent me a package.

Look at all the cool things she sent me. I don't know why there is a line in the middle of the picture?

Me impatiently waiting to open the box.

Video of me destroying the box.

Video not uploading so click here to see it on Yahoo.

Look at the cool card I got. I'm not gonna share the special message I got from my girlfriend, a guy's gotta have some secrets. But I will tell you that I got some of Fig's hair. I have to keep it in a special place so I can always smell and treasure it.

After destroying the box I got to play with the giggle ball. It smells like Fig (now that I have her hair I know what she smells like) so I started kissing it.

Here's a video of me playing with the ball, my mommy is talking in the video and then the hits the wrong button just as she goes to say Fig's name. I can't get too mad at my mommy, since it's Mother's Day weekend.

Video not uploading so click here to see it on Yahoo.

Here's a butt shot of me while I'm playing with the ball, just for Fig.

Don't I look so handsome in the shirt Fig game me? I'm all excited, you can tell from my pink skin - it get's really bright when I get excited!

Incase you can't see, it says..... "Loved by a Boston Terrier". I think I need to lose a little weight though.

Friday, May 11, 2007


To all mothers of human, furry, and feathered babies.

Why I love my mommy
A Poem by Balboa

Mommy always gives me lots of hugs
She even gives me kissses after I eat bugs,
When I have a poop that's stuck on a string
She'll take care of it so when I walk it won't fling,
She makes me homemade food to fill my belly
This keeps my farts from being smelly,
I get to sit on the bench and watch the cars go by,
The neighbors all think I am cute and say, "Me Oh My",
Every morning she wipes the eye crud from my face
Every evening I sleep in her bed, it's my special place,
She thinks my girlfriend Fig is sweet
I get to write on a blog, that's neat!,
Even when she's tired she still plays with me
I even get lots of cool clothes and toys, too bad they're not free,
One of my favorite treats is the kong filled with peanut butter
My mom is the best, no one is better!,
She is always taking pictures of me
I JUST LOVE MY MOMMY, can't you see.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You've been tagged

Since I've been tagged by Tad AND since Fig posted a pic just for me.... I found a picture that fits both of my needs.

Believe it or not, with all the pics mommy takes of me, this is the only one of me upside down?!?!?! PLUS, It's very similar to Fig's pic. Mommy said not to put this up since there are little kids looking at the blog and people might be offended, but aren't I so handsome!

Now I tag...... Amber Mae, Ike, and Jainie.........I hope you all haven't been tagged already........ SO ..... YOU'RE IT!!!!!!

So, what do'ya think sweet Fig?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Box Time

So mommy and me were sitting around and relaxing after playing a game of chase. Can you see my favorite hedgehog ball and the a small box I destroyed?

Then mommy asked me if I wanted to destroy a big box that has been lying around for a while. I as like, YOU BET, I LOVE DESTROYING BOXES.

This is what the box looked like after I got a hold of it! Pretty cool, huh!

Can you tell how much fun I'm having. I don't like to share my boxes with anyone, but if Fig were here, I let her help me! wink, wink, smooch, smooch,

I feel pretty good about my box destruction.

Back to Normal

Hi all,

Mommy and I are still sad that we had to give Santino to a rescue, but he's gonna be in a loving foster home and when he finds his forever home, they will let us know. Mommy is happy that Santino will get the family that he needs.

I'm happy because I have mommy all to myself again. I gave her lots of kisses and hugs, let her rub my belly for a really long time, tasted all her food to make sure it was safe to eat, let her chase me around the house, and let her use my butt as a pillow when we slept.

I also have my daddy all to myself as well, now I can play with him all day, take a nap on his belly, taste his food to make sure it's safe as well, let him rub my belly, take him on walks, and sit with him and watch TV.
Plus, now I have time to talk with my sweetie, Fig.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of me and my parents.
Meeting my daddy

meeting my mommy

My mommy's favorite pic (2nd day with my mommy)

one of my favorite pics with my mommy

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Very Sad Day

Hi this is Balboa's mommy, Karen.

I am crying so much that it is difficult to type, but I know I am doing the right thing for both boys.

It seems that Balboa has been traumatized by Santino. Santino has been attacking and hurting Balboa to the point that he running and hiding from Santino, refusing to eat or drink, or look at me. The vet says he is depressed. It is in both Balboa's and Santino's best interest that I find another home for Santino. The vet assured me that Balboa will be fine as soon as things return to their normal routine.

I called the Boston Terrier Rescue Club of CT. They have assured me that Santino will be placed in a loving foster home until a suitable and forever home can be found for him. When he is adopted I will be notified. Santino and I will be meeting the foster mother today, I will bring his crate, food, treats, toys, and beds.

Santino is a lovely, affectionate, beautiful little boy. I know that this rescue group will help find him a mommy and daddy who will give him the life that he deserves.

My husband and I have learned a lesson. We now understand Balboa's need to possibly be the only dog. If we were to adopt in the future, we would make sure that we have home numerous visits in which the two dogs can meet and approve of each other.