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Friday, March 30, 2007

My Life

Well, Wednesday was boring, but yesterday was eventful.


1) Playing wtih daddy all day. We guys have so much fun.
2) Mommy chasing me while I protect my squeaky toys from her monster fingers .
3) Giving me extra peanut butter in the kong
4) Mommy sharing her chinese food with me, not that she had a choice.

5) Running around outside and chasing leaves
6) Playing sock monster (when mommy puts a sock on her hand and I try to pull it off, I always win)
7) Letting me chase the flashlight around the house
8)Tearing up a box into tiny shreds

1) Getting mad at me for peeing on the carpet. I forgot, I was having so much fun. We all make mistakes. I hid under the bed, I don't like to look at her angry face.
2) Blocking the door so I can't say hello to the the man with the Chinese food.
3) Taking so many pictures that I had bad thoughts about the camera, see my angry face.

4) Miss having daddy and mommy home at the same time, I can't wait for Saturday so I can play with them together.
5) Putting lotion on my paws, I'm a boy I don't need lotion. I get really mad and try to lick it off, but she holds, gives me kisses, and blows on my belly. (that part's cool, but lotion isn't) Don't I have a say in the matter?

I still love my mommy. She does give me lots of kisses and hugs, so I guess I let some of those complaints go for now. We'll see what she........ Wait did I hear the word carrots. Gotta go, gotta get some carrots.......

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fun with Mommy

After a long walk outside mommy chased me around the house. Then we played catch with my toys. Mommy is holding the squeaky dumbbell above my head. She throws the toy all over and I have to run and get it. Then she has to try and get it from me. Hey, if I have to get exercise, so does she!

By the way, mommy writes: "Please don't mind the mess, we are unpacking after painting. Our place is normally very clean."

My mommy is so silly, they're too busy looking at me to notice any mess.

About fifteen minutes later, I was out of breath. Whew, play can be exhausting.

This is me protecting my toy from mommys "monster fingers". She pretends her fingers are walking and try to steal my toy, it's silly, but it makes her happy so I let her have her fun.

Boy, am I tired. Look at the pink around my eyes
and mouth. I think I earned some extra carrots and cheese.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A hard day's work

Well, after playing with my daddy all day (he works at night), then my mommy all afternoon (she works during the day) I got very tired about 7:00. Chasing that flashlight, hunting down socks, and playing hide and seek with mommy is a lot of work. It's difficult being a french bulldog. If you look closely you can see an old pee-pee stain from before I was house trained. I still make some mistakes now and then, but thats okay because I'm so cute.

Don't I have a cute butt! The pictures a little fuzzy, but it's still sooooo cute. Yes ladies I'm available and taking numbers.


I had a busy day yesterday (Sunday the 25th) . Mommy and daddy went to Lowes, without me, and bought new stuff for the house. Mommy put this new rug down on the floor, but wouldn't let me scratch through to find the wood, instead she played with me- so it wasn't so bad.

Daddy and I took a nap on the couch while mommy made dinner. I love pasta and sauce, my mommy is such a good cook.
After dinner mommy did laundry and I helped. I tried to tell her that her pants and shirts would look better with a few holes and some slobber, but she let me chew on a pair of daddy's old socks instead. I AM OBSESSED WITH SOCKS.