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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tagged Again!

Flossikens tagged me, so I'll add some MORE facts about me.

1. I love to eat ants, once an ant got stuck on my lip and mommy had to get it off. She was really grossed out. As soon as it fell on the ground I picked it up and ate it, I made sure it went straight down to my tummy.

2. All my neighbors know and LOVE me, even the kids love me. They all say hi and give me lots of attention. Except for those evil dog haters who make mommy and daddy pay that STUPID DOG FEE.

3. If you don't know already, mommy and daddy have to pay $100.00 a month fine for having me. Some people don't like doggies. I wish I could pee and poop on all their faces.

4. I once destroyed a stuffed toy in five minutes. By destroy I mean.... ripped it open DIGESTED the stuffing. I get awful sick, but I love it.

5. I need to be aware of all changes in my house. If mommy or daddy changes something without letting me know I get very angry, bark at, and try to get rid of the new "thing" in our condo.

6. I like to lay on the vents in our condo. I like the heat in the winter and the A/C in the summer.

7. We had this blog for a long, long time, but we didn't know about DWB. So we opened a MySpace page, but that was silly. Mostly just pictures and all these weird people trying to add us as friends. So we started using this blog again and found DWB. I shut down the MySpace page, started blogging, and the rest is HISTORY.....

8. When I'm not in the crate or my mommy's room, I bark when I hear someone near our door I bark,. Except when it's mommy or daddy. I can tell when mommy or daddy are at the door, I'm smart like that.

9. I used to be kept in a crate when my parents were not home, now I get to stay in my parent's room. They put the pillows, socks, and underwear away because I will eat anything I find. I never mess up the bed, in fact I like to sleep on the bed because it smells like mommy and daddy.

10. When my parent's leave I get a kong filled with peanut butter. That's another one of my favorite foods.

11. I have my own Zip Top Tote. Daddy bought it for me. My name is on it!

12. Most of the time I pee and poop out in the woods, accross the parking lot. But if it's late at night, early in the morning, or if I JUST have to pee I pee on the WizDog out on the porch. It works, it keeps the pee off my paws and looks nice out there - that is when mom removes the old paper and actually CLEANS!!!!!

OOOOH mommy has a question..............
Hi, Karen here, Balboa's mommy. Some of you have other words instead of "comments" at the end of your posts, like, "licks", "poops", or "grunts". How did you do that? I just can't figure it out......


Pearly said...

i wouldn't use myspace, it's full of spooky but yea you like to eat ants? ant vitamin..hehehe.. you got your own cute!!!!

WinstonBerry said...

Balboa! Nice to meet you! I love all these fun facts about you! I must say, you certainly are a very handsome boy! I'll come back and say Hi again soon! Smoooches! :-)

Lorenza said...

Hi, Balboa. More facts about you! That is so nice.
That thing about your mom and dad having to pay monthly fines for you is so sad. There are things that I can't understand about some people.
I like your Zip Top Tote, itr really cool!
Have a good night

Ruby Bleu said...

Peeing in a box...are you a cat - LOL. I like your bag. I think I need to get one like that too!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Joe Stains said...

so what do you put in your zip top bag? I need one of those!

Oscar Airedale said...

Why do mum and dad have to pay a "fine"? That sounds stoopid!

To change "comments" to something cooler, click "customise" on the top right of the main page, then go into the "template" tab, then on the section that says "Blog posts" click "edit" and you can change it there!

Oscar x

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Balboa,
I pee indoors all the time and I have a pee tray that looks like yours. :)

Goofy said...

Balboa, that is mom's question too bout the comments, and thanks for Oscar, that we know it now!!!!

Love licks

Balboa said...

Oscar, Mommy and daddy have to pay a fine because the condo association thinks dogs are messy. Meanwhile cats are a lot messier AND my mommy cleans up after me when I poop in the woods.

Joe, I use the bag when we travel or visit family. I keep my travel food and water dish, extra water, toys, treats, towels and bags (incase I get sick) in the bag.

Peanut said...

I think I need my own tote. That would be cool. Thanks for asking about the comments thing and thanks for oscar for answering. Mom wanted to change mine too.

e said...

That is super cool. Your OWN TOTE BAG. You rock!!

I bark too when I hear someone near the door but Ive got the spray collar on so its like a oof, more likely.

you cracked me up. You said that you sometimes try to sneak a kiss and lick your mum's tongue when she talks. I do that tooooo


Sophie Brador said...

Balboa, You amaze me! And I can't believe you have your very own personalized LL BEan bag. I'm ordering one for myself right now. It is my barkday, after all!

WinstonBerry said...

Thanks for adding me to your dog links list, Balboa!! Smooches!

Tadpole said...

Oh, I have my own bag too... except that it doesn't have my name on it and it's PINK. *sigh* And I eat ants too! And if my girl smooshes a bug on the wall, I'll scrape the wall with my teeth to make sure I got all the yummy guys off!

fig said...

You have your own bag with your NAME on it AND your own toilet?!?!

And you are so smart, staying aware of changes in your house, knowing where to cool down or warm up, and recognizing strangers around your house. And I love your SNORTS! I do that all the time too! Snorting and huffing and puffing!

Amber-Mae said...

Haha good facts there balboa & cool, you have your own bag with your name on it! I like to "murder" my toys too... But not all the time!

Love licks,
So9lid Gold Dancer

Duke & Gidget said...

Cool facts Balboa, we always love learning more about you.
We have never eaten an ant, but we have always wondered what they taste like. Think we'll go see for ourselves.

Pug Hugs

Scruffy said...

I used to have a bag too. Daddy used to put me in it when I was small so I didn't have to walk. Now that I am big, I can't fit in it anymore. I let Toto use it now. But your bags cooler, its got your name on it.

The Mighty Scruff

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

My brother from another mother!!!!!
I can't believe it- we have soooo much in common.
1- I like to watch/guard my parents when they are showering
2-I also have an obsession with smellign anything anything my mom cleans off of me!
I'm sure we have more in common--i could oui not :)

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

BTW-- thank you for coming to visit my blog-- isn't Ruby great!!!