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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pawsome facts about me AND other things

1. My first name was Ulysses, but daddy took one look at me and said I look like a Balboa.

2. My favorite toy is the Hedgehog ball. I just love to run around the house with it in my mouth while mommy tries to catch me, but I'm just to fast for her! See the pic of me with my favorite toy?
3. I still squat when I pee, I see other guys lift their legs, but I like to be different.

4. I love to sit on my mommy's lap on the porch and watch the leaves blow, birds fly around, and cars pass by.

5. The only time I get really mad and show my "I mean business" teeth is when mommy tries to file or cut my nails. I don't bite, but I have to show my anger somehow!

6. I eat lots of healthy food, but my favorite snack is cheese. I LOVE CHEESE. I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR CHEESE, well, except .....see #7

7. I refuse to come when called. I can sit, stay, down, roll over, shake, wait, up (couch), okay (go down the 5 stairs), BUT I WILL NOT COME WHEN CALLED. Mommy says we are going to be working on that, Yeah we'll see! Don't hold your breath mommy!
8. Oh man this is embarrasing, but..... I have one inverted nipple, the rest are fine. It always gets dirty and mommy has to clean it.

9. I don't like taking baths, but I deal with it for treats. I try to watch mommy or daddy when they take a shower or bath. I'm just amazed they don't try to get out like me.
10. I stick my face on my mommy and daddy's lap until I get their food. Even though mommy gives some of her food with my food, I still want more. I'm a growing boy dude! CAN YOU SEE ME?

11. When mommy cleans my ears or around my eyes, I HAVE to smell what she removed. It's an obsession I just CAN'T break. - Gross, I know.

12. Finally, I realized that I lay down very similar to my girlfriend Fig, check it out. Isn't awesome. You have to look real close to see my other leg, but it's there! We both lay down with one leg out and one leg under, but Fig is a lot cuter!


Well, mommy and daddy are back from camping. They had an alright time. Mommy waited a while to book her camping spot, she thought all the spots were the same. But the one they got was right next to the bathroom and had no privacy at all. They were very upset and it kinda ruined the reason they went camping - privacy and relaxation. It serves them right for going without me!

So mommy booked for labor day (she can always get a refund if they decide not to go). They walked around and checked out all the other sites. They got a nice camping ground and mommy is kinda thinking about bringing me. Her and daddy have to talk.

Anyway, I had a good time at Marta's Vineyard. I did miss mommy and daddy, but I got LOTS of attention. Mommy made sure that they added the TLC package on which gives me even more time with the staff.


Bentley & Niko said...

we don't come when called either if we are in hot pursuit of something more fun. we also love your hedge-ball! Glad you had a good time at the vineyard!

Billy said...

Great things to know about you the look of the and Fig are meant to be having both identical poses:)

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Peanut said...

Oh I still squat to pee too. It's funny that you and fig lay down the same. You were meant to be together.

Joe Stains said...

sorry the trip was stinky for your parents.

by the way I LOVE CHEEEEEEESE. SO much! it is my favorite too!

Waylon & Willie - the Boston Terrier brothers said...

We do not like baths, or our nails done BUT we tolerate it. Our mom is doing good - she moved her office home so we are NEVER alone - it is great!

Ike said...

Squatting when you pee and inverted nipple, dude ...

Scruffy said...


I'm keeping my paws crossed for you for labour day. Hope your parents bring you. Even though you had a great time at Marta's Vineyard its no fun being left behind.

The Mighty Scruff

Ruby Bleu said...

I missed you Balboa. Those are fun things...and I like cheese too! I knew you and Fig were meant for each other and your laying down, well that just seals it, doesn't it.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Oscar Airedale said...

Some good facts there Balboa! I pee like a girl too!

Oscar x

Amber-Mae said...

Oh my 1st name wasn't Amber-Mae too, it was Tiara at first then Tyra. But my hooman looked at me again especially my fur color & decided that Amber suited me better. And the Mae just made it sound nicer... so they put it together & now it's Amber-Mae. Hehehe! Nice pics & facts of you Balboa! And you DO look like a Balboa... kekeke!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Suki said...

Hey Balboa!
Lifting your leg while peeing is highly overrated. Why lift when you can relax and squat? Don't worry...with a name like yours, you can get away with stuff like that! :)

Puggy kisses

Ferndoggle said...


Gimme some.


MJ's doghouse said...

Wow Balboa..when they ask for info you give them good info...and thats the fact jack...I think you and Fig are meant for each other..and i would not worry about going camping...i would stick to the tlc vip martha vineyard package..seriously dude...did you know when you camp you have to sleep outside....and eat outside...seriously...when i went with my mom and dad I made them open the car door so I could stay inside....i am just not a fan of eating like a wild animal....

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Balboa,
Thanks for the b-day wishes ... and your list of things. You are totally a dude, dude!

fig said...

We are almost EXACTLY ALIKE!!! Except for #8. I don't quite know what to think about that. But I guess if it gets you extra time and attention from your mom then it's cool. ;-)

*sigh* I think I should run away and live with you. I'd have to figure out how to raise $100 a month though for the fee. Hmmm....

Pearly said...

that ball is your favorite toy... i still haven't figure out what is my fav...i dont think i have any...hmmm

Duke & Gidget said...

My sister Gidget won't come when she's called either, unless she is offered food. She is the stubborn one in our family. And I don't think it's gross that you like to smell the stuff your mom cleans off of you. In fact, I would like to smell it too. I bet it smells wonderful!


Tadpole said...

I let my girl cut 2 of my nails at a time. Only 2. And then I squirm like a fish out of water until she puts me down. We cut them in increments. That way I get more treats!

And #4 sounds like heaven! :-)

Lorenza said...

Hi, Balboa. Lots of facts. Let me tell you that I share with you # 8 and # 11! Funny, ah?
Have a good night