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Monday, December 21, 2009

He's BAAAAAAACK & Got Some Lovin'

Thanks for all your well wishes about Anthony, he is doing much better. He is back to "army crawling" all over the floor. What is "army crawling" well according to mommy it is when a baby is too young to normall crawl. So they crawl on their arms and stomach. And, boy can Anthony do that all over the living room floor. He's taking over the whole place.


He's supposed to stay on that play mat, but OH NO, he's gotta move all around. See!!!! See his legs on the rug!!!!!

Okay, now for picture of the star of the blog. ME!!!! Mommy is rubbing my neck, oh yeah I really like that . About time I am treated like the king around here.

Give me some love mommy, right on my eye, the way I like it. I love my mommy.

I hope I get all this lovin' on Christmas Eve. Mommy and daddy are having Christmas Eve at our place. MOmmy's parents, sister and Brother-in-law are all coming over. I better get extra butt rubs, and EXTRA FOOD. OR I WILL PEE ALL OVER THE PLACE, YEAH YOU HEARD ME. PEE ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Mommy missed out joining the Holiday Card Exchange, so we are going to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Balboa!
I am so happy to know Anthony is doing much better!
Christmas Eve at your house?? Sure it is going to be pawesome! I hope you will not need to pee all over the place!
Have fun!
Merry Christmas!
Kisses and hugs

happy said...

We're so glad to hear Anthony is getting better. Aww look at him adorable! Of course, you are as adorable as usual too, Balboa :-)

I'm sure you'll have a merry time on Christmas eve.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Stella and Gunther said...

We're so glad to hear Anthony is feeling better!! Whoo Hoo!

We're hoping for your family's sake you get lots of butt rubs. It'd be a bummer if ya had to pee all over on Christmas Eve..

Stella, Gunther & Betty

Stephanie Faris said...

How cute!!! Have you seen that doggy welcome mat that says to guests: "If you ever want to see these people again, bring me a 5-pound rib roast in a brown paper sack. Signed, The Dog." That's what this reminded me of!

Julia said...

so glad you stopped by!! I hope you'll join in on every WMW (working mommy wedneday). feel free to post your christmas card pic and link up (or just use this post since it has your card on... just add my WMW button!!)

look forward to getting to know you!!

Ozzie and Rocky said...

Glad your little scooter is doing so much better:) Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas Balboa!
Ozzie & Rocky

Happy Cathy said...

Look at those faces!