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Monday, November 23, 2009

Will do a better job

I promise to do a better job of blogging. I have been very busy keeping an eye on Anthony. At first he just would lay down and cry and eat, but now he is rolling around all over the place trying to touch me. I know he doesn't want to hurt me, but I'm a little nervous about what his plans are.

I have tried to play with him a few times, but he just sits there and laughs at me. Doesn;t he know how to play chase? Seriously if he can roll, he can run after me.


Lenny said...

Wow, Balboa! Look at all of Anthony's hair!! Are you sure he's not a pup too? He's so cute!
I hope he is dropping lots of snacks for you. Does he eat Cheerios yet?
I'm glad to hear from you - I have been bad about blogging too and I am behind on everything. Glad to know you and the whole family are doing well!

Your friend, Lenny

Stella and Gunther said...

Awww, give the little one a chance. Keep an eye on his chubby little hands, they usually contain tasty treats!

Stella and Gunther

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Aw, Balboa!! I missed you! And your baby brother is ADORABLE! I am sure he will be ready to play with you in no time!! :)

Lorenza said...

Hi, Balboa!
Glad to see you all!
Sure is nice to know you are doing well!
Anthony is growing pretty fast, right?
I am sure he will be playing with you in no time!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Snowball said...

You little brother is such a cutie pie.



happy said...

Sure have missed you Balboa! Baby Anthony sure is adorable! Don't worry, he'll grow up soon enough to play chase with you.

Amici said...

Love meeting your new brother! He is a cutie! Maybe I should keep one paw on your blog since your bi ped brother seems older than mine- than I can be on the look out for what I am in for. Hang in there Balboa- I hear we get good food droppings soon!

My mom says Congratulations to your Mom and family. She thinks your little bi ped is gorgeous!

Biggie-Z said...

So good to see a nice new family picture! Anthony is a cutie, and I'm sure there will be Vienna sausages dropping your way soon!

hugs, Biggie

Anonymous said...

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