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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving morning

I spent Thanksgiving morning being forced to pose in front of the fake fireplace with Anthony.  Poor little guy doesn't realize its a fake.  Sure it has hot air coming out of it, but a real fire would have been better. 

 They bribed me with cookies, but I would have looked at the camera if they gave me cheese.  At least I didn't have to wear a stupid turkey outfit like someone I know, hint hint.

That's right dude, these are MY COOKIES!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Balboa!
I can't see the pictures!
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
Kisses and hugs

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Hi Balboa! I can't see the pictures either, but I imagine they are really cute... I will come back again later in case they work then.

Biggie-Z said...

Hi Balboa, I couldn't see the pictures at first, but NOW I can and they are CUTE!!

That's what I get for not keeping up with my bloggy friends - your baby has gotten BIG! He looks like a boy now, not just a baby!

happy said...

The fake fireplace looks very real.

Both of you look so adorable together!

Audra said...

What an adorable little family! I love your blog... and your pup! Will be following. =)


Jake of Florida said...

We were missing you when we looked at our Christmas labels from last year and decided to stop by and say WOOF!!

Wowser, you have an adorable new two-leggedy playmate. Congratulations.

Wiret woofs to you and Anthony!!!

Jake and Just Harry

Peanut said...

Cookies are so worth it though.