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Saturday, September 29, 2007

We're Being Invaded!!!!

The leaves are EVERYWHERE! There are SO MANY EVIL LEAVES!.

They need to be destroyed. I fought a good battle, but they are multiplying. They are flying around and taunting me, and trying to get into my house.

DWB troops get ready and..........
ATTACK........... who's with me?!?!?!?!

Okay, anyway on a happier note, before the horrific invasion and battle, a few pics of me and my toys. HHHMMMM. What should I play with today????

I can't decide.....

What toy do YOU think I should play with?

Here's some cute video of me. As you know, I JUST LOVE destroying boxes.

Don't adjust your screens, yes the camera is IN MY FACE! I just try to ignore it, but "SOMEONE" keeps pulling me toward the camera??????


Seadra & Zoe said...

Wow, that's a great post Balboa. We hear you on the leaf invasion. Ours are just starting to fall. It's only going to get worse!!

You have an awesome toy box. Of course you should play with your hedgehog ball first. We love ours!! Thank you Balboa!!

We thought you were going to dig a hole to China in that first video and those Frenchie snorts in the second video made us smile.

Have a great weekend!!

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Cubby said...

Play with the knotty-looking thing!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

We've had leaves for months. Especially when mistress doesn't water the spanish garden.

Anyway, why don't you play with the leaves until they are gone, and then you can play with the toys?

Ike said...

Try to fit all the nubby balls in your mouth at once!

fig said...

Oh Balboa! I love to hear you snargle on that box video! Love it! And my favorite part is when you scratch and scratch at it - you look so big and strong! Hee!

Choose a hedgehog ball, of course!

Oh - and YES, you got "our story" exactly right! But I DO remember that it was YOU who asked me out first! *blush* I don't think I would have had the nerve.

Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

We'd love to tackle some leaves---count us in. They are probably almost as much fun as squirrels!
Hope you were able to decide on a toy. We'd probably play with all of it for a little while. Just scatter things around a bit!
Hope you are having a great weekend! Thanks for the well wishes for Rocky. He's feeling better this evening!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Balboa
Wow! So you were on two missions today. Those leaves and the box!
You have been busy!!!
I like the last video... hearing those grrrrrs!!!!
Have a good night

Goofy said...

wow... u gots lots of squeaky ball there!!! just take any of them and squeak it loud!!!!!

Amber-Mae said...

Hey, I'm with you! There are many dead leaves outside our gate too & I HATE them all! They must be destroyed! I love destroying boxes too & booklets or anything that's papery... Hehehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

MJ's doghouse said...

oh balboa..about the toys..if i were you...i would just leave them and ask momma for a snack and take a nap to think about it...they arent going anywhere afterall..i am very excited about my interview...

Bentley & Niko said...

Oh my! Leaves? We don't get very many leaves in the desert, but we do get tumbleweeds, picky cacti pieces and lizards... I think those leaves look like they would be tasty in some hot water, that's what mom does with leaves.

Pick the toy on the bottom Balboa! you can scatter the rest everywhere!

Suki said...

Oooh, I WISH we had lots of evil leaves here. Only, they don't look so evil. Leaves falling = cooler weather, so I think they're GREAT leaves ;)

Puggy kisses

Toby said...

Hi Balboa
Im Toby and Im a PUggle Puppy. I was looking thru your blog and you are one cool pup! I was hoping we can be friends! We dont have that many leaves around here. My mommy said where she is from in Pennsylvania there are leaves everywhere!

Love Toby

Ferndoggle said...

Balboa, you make the most super coolest sounds when you play!!! We are being invaded by leaves too. They are all over my yard. But they're better than snow!


Lenny said...

Way to go buddy - those leaves don't stand a chance against you!

Your friend, Lenny

Amici said...

Wowzers! You have some great, rugged toys! Where do you get yours? I have that colorful ball (that you can put treats in...well that is what my parents do with it anyways). I love that!

Hercules said...

I don't like the leaves either. They are too loud and it is hard for me to find the grassy spots to pee on once they cover the ground!


Joe Stains said...

leaves all over, this is terrifying! I don't think you have enough hours in the day to attack all those leaves!!!

Stanley said...

WooHoo for Boober Vision! I love video of you, man. Could watch it ALL DAY! Plus, you are such a great noise maker. You were so intensely thorough on the box demolition that I couldn't take my eyes off of you. Especially when you were trying to get that, what was it, a label, off the box.

That second vid almost looks like you're doing some kind of neck exercise back & forth, back & forth. Your mama is one mean camerawoman!

Goober love,