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Thursday, August 09, 2007


So, while we were waiting for our cable to get back on, lots of things are going on..........

1. We can't keep the computer in the second bedroom, the cable split doesn't work in out stupid condo complex, so mommy has to put the computer back in the living room. SHE HATES IT IN THERE, she says it looks cheap and destroys all her hard work and money to fix up the condo.

By the way, do you see? I have my own wall of photos!!!!!

2. There are people building things in our complex, we can see them from the porch. They make lots of noise and I don't like them. It's not a great pic, but can you see the car and all the wood?

I must sit on my mommy's lap and watch everything they do. I have to make sure they don't try to come on my porch, or I will have to do to them what I did to the evil leaf.

3. Mommy was forced to clean the house (ABOUT TIME) since she couldn't do any of her boring work, and I got tons of peanut butter in my kong. OH YEAH!!!!!

4. Mommy also took me to the vet, my ears have been very itchy. I don't have an ear infection but they are a little gooey, then the vet said I may have mange since there is also a rash near my ear. OR it could be a sympton of another problem. There are also a few red spots on my belly, mommy always thought they were irritations from me rubbing against the carpet.

Can you see the rash near my ear? I hope Fig still finds me attractive.

Karen here: I feel like an awful, neglectful mother. I take very good care of Balboa and the thought that he has mange, I feel so guilty. I am thinking that it is mange because the thought that is a symptom of something else is just to scary. I have to continue putting a special ointment in his ear and on the rash. If it doesn't heal in a few days, they want us to come back in.


Seadra & Zoe said...

Hi Balboa...tell your Mom that she is not a bad Mom. You know that better than anyone. She adores you and always dotes on you. She's a wonderful Mommy to you. Give her lots of kisses tonight so she won't feel bad anymore.

We are glad your computer is back up and running. We don't like it when you are not online.

We like your own pictures on the wall. Our Mom made us our own scrapbook just about us. We both have the best Mom's!!

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Karen,
We all know what a great Mommy you are. These things just happen. Just keep an eye on it and I'm sure he'll be fine.

Lots of licks, Ruby & Michele

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Balboa,
I hope your ear gets better. Tell your MOm not to be too hard on herself okay? It's not her fault and we all know how much she loves you.

leah said...

i hope your ear and belly are feeling better, balboa. and take it easy with the guilt trips you're giving your mom! anydog would be so lucky to have her! but i'm sure it's nothing too serious and you'll back to your studly self in no time (not that you're not still studly!!).

by the way, when i was in treatment a guy who worked there brought in a french bulldog like you to visit & cheer up us crazy alcoholics/addicts. that's one of the reasons i LOVE your breed. very friendly but not crazy-manic, like your girlfriend fig!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hope ur ear problem will cure soon....

Katherine and Pippa, said...

I wouldn't worry about the computer in the living room. They are a part of peoples' - and dogs' - lives.

We haven't got two bedrooms so no choice!

We like the photos - might do that for Pippa.

Kate and Pippa

Jackson said...

Hey pal, Hope your rash clears up soon.

Peanut butter kongs are the best! J1 puts mine in the freezer so that it takes me longer to get it all out! Sometimes I get cream cheese too! J x

Ferndoggle said...


1. The 'puter in your living room looks fine. Tell Mommy she's being paranoid.

2. You must do all you can to chase those worker people away...unless they bring you cookies, then they're OK.

3. Tell your Mommy she MUST clean more so you can have lots & lots of PB Kongs

4. My Mommy says my ears have been itchy & I've been scratching a lot & have a little rash on my neck and chin. Curse of the white dog. We are sensitive to all kinds of changes in diet or cleaners. Did they do a skin scraping to test for mange?

Feel better soon!


(Lola's Mom: Karen, you are a fantastic Mommy & need to remember that Dogs can pick stuff up from ANYWHERE. It doesn't reflect on the care you give your baby. I'm learning that white dogs have a whole host of skin issues (and B has a lotta white). Lola looks like she was in a dog fight right now from all the scratching!! Are you adding Salmon oil to his diet? I've upped Lola's dose & it is helping. Coconut oil is another good one. Paws crossed little B is OK!! ~Jen)

Jake of Florida said...

Mom said to tell you she understands that "guilty Mom" feeling. But Dad always reassures her and says: "Things always happen with kids..."

But they get so upset when it happens to us!!!

You'll be fine soon, kiddo!!

Jake and Just Harry

Suki said...

Karen, my Mommy says not to feel bad at all. Look, you caught it early on, right? So that's good! :)

Oh, and don't feel bad about the misprint. I am glad that my girl Ruby won last week! I would have felt weird winning two weeks in a row, anyway ;)

Puggy kisses

Amber-Mae said...

Oh Karen, please don't feel sooo guilty. Things like this happen all the time...Even if our ears are cleaned regularly like every week, we still get these kind of ear infections. Faith has alot of those rashes like Balboa's. She's got them under her armpits, under her bells, thigh & chest. these are the places where she sweats & scratches all the time but her scars are not that bad even Balboa's too. Just throughly clean his ear till it's clear & put ointment everyday. For the rash, just put some aloe vera gel or rub the aloe vera plant on that area everyday. I guarantee, he'll stop scratching & it'll heal faster too!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Frasypoo said...

Balboa,please give mommy a kissie and tell her she is not a bad mother.My mother will be posting on how bad a mom she has been !!!
We doggies pick up stuff all the time

Texas's Mum said...

Hi Balboa,
I don't think we have sniffed
before but you look like a nice
doggie so I thought that I would
say hi so HI.
And my mum says to tell your mum
from what she has seen and feels
she thinks your mum is a good mum
not a bad one.

Love and Hi Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Rowan The Dog said...

Wow! You sure are pretty. Thanks for visiting my great blog.



tcath1962 said...

Dont' worry Karen, you're not a bad mommy. Balboa just has sensitive skin. I had a Jack Russell once that was mostly white and he was in the vet's all the time because he had skin problems. It'll clear up!
Mom to Two Wild and Crazy Guys
Ozzie & Rocky

ROSSI said...

Oh Karen.. guilty u must not feel!.. sometimes all these are unavoidable and even me with Rossi, this little guy got so many health problems.. from rashes like Balboa.. big big pimples like hips problems.. and now vomiting with stomach gas.. and guess of all these.. i am more qualified as bad bad mom!!

Just keep an eye on Balboa and hope his skin is getting better..

Love n kisses to Balboa
Kien n Rossi

Waylon & Willie - the Boston Terrier brothers said...

We hope your ear heals up real soon...
We no longer bet our Kongs...Willie destroyed them and mom got mad about the clean up...