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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Scoop on Mommy and Daddy

Suki and her mommy tagged us, so I'm gonna let my mommy have this post all to herself, just this once..........

Hi, Karen here, I'm telling a lot but I never known when I might get to post on this blog again, Balboa is very secretive sometimes, I think it has something to do with Fig.

Interesting facts:

  • I'm a Special Ed high school reading specialist if I made any spelling errors sorry I'm off duty~wink wink~
  • My husband, Tony, is a night custodian for the middle school in town.
  • I am also an adjunct professor for the education department where I got my BA and MA.
  • This is my first summer off ever, no summer school for me!
    I met my husband at WCC when I was 19 and he was 20. Wow those 12 years passed pretty quickly.
  • We don't have kids but would love to have them someday, we are relying on fate. For right now Balboa will be any only child.

    If you really want to know what Tony and I are like, just watch King of Queens. I'm not as thin as Carrie but that is ME only when Tony acts like Doug Heffernan, which is usually often. You know how men can be....... hee hee


    *Drinking Sangria on my porch and eating sangria soaked peaches, apples, and pear ~hmmmm
    *Eating a huge, I MEAN HUGE, bucket of popcorn at the movies
    *Playing with Balboa or watching Balboa sleep - he's just soooo cute

    Watching TV on the couch with my husband- we love Netflix

    Cooking (my specialties are chicken parm, sausage and peppers, chicken soup or beef stew)

    Adding another Vera Bradley-Java Blue bag to my collection

    *Watching my plants and flowers grow
    *When a Frenchie has found his/her forever family through the FBRN
    *When a restaurant cooks food that is gluten free
    *Getting a manicure and pedicure
    *A really good cup of coffee
    *Finding that perfect decoration or home decor item for my home

    Things that make me MAD: IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER

    *When evil people hurt animals and children
    *When friends and family tease me for allowing Balboa to have a blog
    *When friends and family tease me for spoiling Balboa
    *Being allergic to Gluten - missing out on lots of my favorite foods ~mainly pizza~
    *Not having enough quarters to do laundry
    *People who don't signal when making turns

    I get so nervous and feel bad choosing only three people, so I'll let Balboa randomly pick three doggies and their families..

    Balboa wants to tag Seadra and Zoe's family, Ike's family, and Goofy's family.

    Karen again, I'm in trouble.... Balboa also wanted to tag Fig, he knows that Tad did such a great job interviewing Massah, but Fig may have things to tell ONLY if she wants to, plus he just wanted to tag Fig.


    Momo :) said...

    Hello Balboa!!

    Wow, this is fun to read! I thnk this is the very first game to tell some facts about hooooomans?? :) Your mommy is so pretty and you & your daddy are so handsome!

    Thank you so much for adding me on your list. I just did the same! :)

    Tell your mommy that my mom loves Sangria, too! ;)

    Momo xoxo

    Peanut said...

    That cool to learn all about the ma's and pa's of us. My mom says no pizza would be awful.

    Suki said...

    Hey Karen! It's so nice to read about you.

    My mom says she hates it when people make fun of her for having a blog for me, too. They just don't understand how much you hoomans love us pups, I guess :)

    Puggy kisses

    Stanley said...


    I *knew* you looked like a hooman I'd want to know. You have confirmed for me that Balboa is a lucky boy, and that you and Tony are worthy of his love!

    My girl gets guff all the time about the blog thing, too. Pawsonally, I think people are just jealous they don't have a talented dog at home.

    Thanks for dishin'. Give my love to Tony, and especially to Balboa. He was so generous to let you blog today!

    Goober kisses all around,

    Ruby Bleu said...

    Sangria soaked Mom is suddenly drooling for some reason! Oh and she also wants to know if she can come over for dinner the next time you make chicken parm! Silly woman.

    That last picture of you and your mommy and your daddy is really nice. You look so cute Balboa!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

    Joe Stains said...

    it was nice to meet you balboa's mom and dad, now back to Balboa thanks.

    Lorenza said...

    Hi, Balboa.
    Tell you mom thanks for sharing with us all those things about her, her likes and dislikes.
    My mom says that popcorn at the movies rock!! I don't know what that means!!
    Your mom is pretty and your dad very handsome!
    I know they love you so much!
    Have a good night

    Seadra & Zoe said...

    Hi Balboa, Thanks for tagging us, were honored. Mom was wondering what we could blog about this weekend, now we know.

    We enjoyed getting to know your family. It's obvious that they love you very much. We love that picture of the 3 of you!!

    Love, Seadra and Zoe

    Ferndoggle said...

    This is such a cool tag! Your parents are so cool Balboa! And Good lookin'!

    Our Mom is like your Mom in that she's addicted to Netflix, coffee, pedicures & ENORMOUS buckets of popcorn at the movies with XTRA butter! And, our Mom thinks people who don't signal to make turns should immediately lose their drivers license FOREVER!!!

    Being Celiac is super tough. Tell your Mom the rice pizza crusts ain't too shabby...not quite the real thing, but close :o). She probably knows this already though.

    Thanks for sharing lots of fun facts!!!

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

    Goofy said...

    Balboa, the only thing to say reading this tag and seeing those photos, HAPPY FAMILY!!!

    You are really way tooo cute with your hooman parents. Pretty and handsome!!!!

    Simba said...

    What a lovely family you have Balboa. A good cup of coffee is a must at all times, so mummy says.

    Simba xx

    Amber-Mae said...

    Balboa's ma, thanks for sharing those lovely infos abt you guys... I enjoyed reading it all!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

    coco said...

    what fun to read about your family! i think it's wonderful that you are spoiled, and everydoggy ought to be loved liked that! your mom sounds like quite the chef - that's so cool!

    haha - the king of queens - your home must be filled with lots of laughter as well as love!!!! that's awesome!
    wiggly pupppy kisses, coco

    Sharon said...

    It sounds like you are a happy family! Balboa is lucky to have you. I'm sorry you are allergic to gluten. It must drive you CRAZY! Can you make pizza crust out of soy flour?
    Snickers and Sharon

    Ike said...

    Hey dude, I'll talk to my mom.

    Persephone & Buster said...

    Hey, Balboa--yer Mum's a gardener! So's ours! She LOVES watching things grow--hibiscus, daylilies, and Buster's ego. We get to help unload the car when she gets home from her nursery road-trips!

    Now you take that blog back from the humans--


    Persephone & Buster

    Toby said...

    Hi Balboa's Mommy,

    I'm not sure if we've formally been introduced, but I've seen your comments and picture around. Nice to meet you and your family!~

    One of Mom's favorite shows is King of Queens! Her friends think she's totally like Carrie too (but not as thin either, lol)!!

    Don't worry about those who make fun of our blogs. Mom knows a few folks that thinks she's nutso when it comes to me. But you know what? Who cares. Balboa is so totally lucky to have a great mom and dad!!! Those who make fun are just jealous!


    Bernard Hinault Lilje said...


    Thanks for checking on me. I haven't dropped dead from the PS3--I just have a mom who has been neglecting me and i am learning is anti-social-She promises me she will let me on the computer more often.


    PS--I notice your mommie loves purses too--very scary!!!

    Flossikens said...

    These 3 things also annoy my hoomans!

    *When evil people hurt animals and children
    *When friends and family tease me for allowing Balboa to have a blog
    *When friends and family tease me for spoiling Balboa


    Luckie Girl said...

    Hey Balboa's Mom,
    Thanks for sharing...We think you are a cool couple and you two are very fortunate to have Balboa in your lives! :)

    Girl Girl Hamster said...

    Balboa, your parents look so cute in the pictures with you. I hope your mum shared some of her popcorn with you

    ~ girl girl

    Oscar Airedale said...

    Your mum and dad look lovely. My mum loves watching King of Queens, hehehe!

    Oscar x

    Pugsley, Buster & Cricket said...

    Nice to meet you Karen. We loves hearing about the families. Hopes you had a great weekend.

    xoxoPugsley, Buster and Cricket

    Ume said...

    hi Balboa's Mom,
    thx for sharing! my Jiejie needs coffee in the morning to prevent her from turning into a walking zombie for the rest of the day.

    oh Balboa! u look so cute in the family photo!

    fig said...

    Oh Balboa I love you and I love your family...! And I love that you tagged me! I'll see what I can come up with....

    PS - Your parents are too cute!

    Lenny said...

    Hi Balboa! Your family looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

    Your friend, Lenny

    Suki Sumo said...

    Oh Balboa, my mommy's doctor thought she had a gluten allergy a few months ago. She found out it's next to impossible to live a gluten free life. Turns out, mommy has a different allergy, but she is so sorry that your mommy can't eat the wheat!