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Friday, March 30, 2007

My Life

Well, Wednesday was boring, but yesterday was eventful.


1) Playing wtih daddy all day. We guys have so much fun.
2) Mommy chasing me while I protect my squeaky toys from her monster fingers .
3) Giving me extra peanut butter in the kong
4) Mommy sharing her chinese food with me, not that she had a choice.

5) Running around outside and chasing leaves
6) Playing sock monster (when mommy puts a sock on her hand and I try to pull it off, I always win)
7) Letting me chase the flashlight around the house
8)Tearing up a box into tiny shreds

1) Getting mad at me for peeing on the carpet. I forgot, I was having so much fun. We all make mistakes. I hid under the bed, I don't like to look at her angry face.
2) Blocking the door so I can't say hello to the the man with the Chinese food.
3) Taking so many pictures that I had bad thoughts about the camera, see my angry face.

4) Miss having daddy and mommy home at the same time, I can't wait for Saturday so I can play with them together.
5) Putting lotion on my paws, I'm a boy I don't need lotion. I get really mad and try to lick it off, but she holds, gives me kisses, and blows on my belly. (that part's cool, but lotion isn't) Don't I have a say in the matter?

I still love my mommy. She does give me lots of kisses and hugs, so I guess I let some of those complaints go for now. We'll see what she........ Wait did I hear the word carrots. Gotta go, gotta get some carrots.......

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Tadpole said...

Ooooh, I love #8 too - it's the best!!! And complaint #2 - what's with that?! They bring so much yummy stuff, why can't I jump on them and lick them to show my thanks?!

Balboa said...

Yeah I guess some people might be afraid of me, I don't know why? Like you said I wanted to show him how happy I was that he brought delicious food.

Billy said...

Hi Balboa!

Nice blog you have here and you are a little cutie! I found you on the Dogs with Blogs website! Welcome aboard!!

Keep up the great work and love your pictures. We will visit often:)

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

PiratesGrrl said...

We just found you through Dogs with Blogs and love your blog! You have THE best smile!

The Brat Pack

Little Buster said...

Love the grumpy face. That's what my dad looks like in the morning.

Bella said...

What a huge fun grin you have - must be hard for your mummy to get mad at you

Paw Power

Waylon & Willie - the Boston Terrier brothers said...

The only lotion we like is some our mom has that is Satsuma (orange) - that is tasty.
We love you blog!