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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Today we drove to PETCO to sign up for training classes. Balboa behaved wonderfully during the trip. He struggled just a little when I put the car harnass on him, but soon settled down and ate his denta-stick.

When we arrived we met Lucy (2 year old Boston Terrier) coming out of the store. Lucy and her mother were happy to chat with Balboa and I. I wanted to let Balboa down to play with Lucy, but he's still a puppy and doesn't know when to leave other dogs alone. When I petted Lucy, Balbo started to wriggle because he wasn't the center of attention (such a spoiled little Frenchie)
During the trip home, he was still wonderful.

We got back home and we played for about an hour, then as I watched Grey's Anatomy (video from Sunday night) he sat beside on the couch. Eventually he fell asleep, and I brought him to bed. Yes he sleeps in our bed, even curls up against me or uses my arm as his pillow.

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