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Monday, May 19, 2008

I've been VERY BAD

Mommy's mad at me, I've been peeing in the house lately. Whenever I get a chance I pee pee in the bedrooms and a few times on her pillows. I know its wrong, I just can't help it!!!!!!

how about now?????

Mommy used to let me chill in the bedroom when she was at work, but now she is thinking about putting me back in the crate. I DON'T LIKE THE CRATE, but she doesn't know what else to do. She keeps trying to trick me into getting treats out of the crate and calling it my "house", but I'm not stupid. I'll eat the treats but I AIN'T GOING TO BE LOCKED IN THERE. She says it's for my safety and protection, I AIN'T BUYIN' IT!!!!

She keeps my special bed in the bedroom, so I can't sleep on it on the couch...... she's forcing me to sleep in the crate BUT I AIN'T DOING IT!!!!!!

Balboa's mommy here: I've been putting treats and toys in the crate and giving him rewards for sitting in there, but he just seems terrified of it, it's like he's afraid of being locked away from me forever. I can't even get him to explore it on his own, and he explores EVERYTHING. I thought it would be good to retrain him and have a safe place for him to go when we can not be at home, but I think he is JUST TOO STUBBORN!!!!!!!.

Hey mommy, I'm not stubborn I just know what I want and what I don't want!!!!!!




Lorenza said...

Hi, Balboa!
Sure you need to behave well if you don't want to be crated!
Maybe something is bothering you and thats why you are peeing every place!
Kisses and hugs

Lacy said...

w00f's Balboa, me agrees wiff lorenza...if u not usually use to pp in da house, mayb u iz feelin inseacure...heehee joe stains wood b sooo proud of u fur pp on da bed...

b safe,
~rocky and company~

Simba said...

Thats no house, its crate, does she think you're stupid? You are just trying to make the house smell nice.

Simba xx

Ferndoggle said...

Have you thought about maybe gating him in the kitchen or the bathroom instead? Penny went through a very similar phase when she was @ 2 and we had to go back to square one with her. She didn't like it but I really didn't like cleaning up pee everyday :o).


Peanut said...

He doesn't have an infection does he? The gating idea is a good one as long as he can't get over the gate

Petra said...

When we had our cocker Sadie, she liked the crate until we stopped using it. When we tried to put her back in it, she hated it. She would smack the door with her paws and lose nails in the process. We gave up and got rid of her crate forever.

So I'm no help, am I?!


WinstonBerry said...

Hi Balboa!

Peeing around the house.. hmmmmm.... mayeb there is something bothering you and your Mommy can't tell?? have you been having bad dreams??
Once in a great while I do that, usually though, something is bothering me or I'm upset about something.
Once, when I was living in Brooklyn with my Lisa and her college roommate, Megan, they were gone alllllllllllllll day and I was so annoyed that I pooped in Megan's closet! Luckily, she was a sucker for a cute, sad puppy face and she WASN'T EVEN MAD AT ME!!!! I couldn't believe it! I think she got the message.

Winnie :-)

Joe Stains said...

you GO! Staining is the way to go!!!!

happy said...

I usually do that when I feel really neglected or bored. LS may say she's busy with work but that's no excuse for not giving me my normal attention.

Have you been neglected or bored too?

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh dear Balboa. I'm sure you didn't mean it. But you need to be good and follow the hoomans rules in the house

~ Girl girl

Ike said...

Looks like someone is getting the stain award!
PS - you can always use my photos for the caption game.

Jake of Florida said...


When I suddenly peed on Mom's rug a few times, she mentioned it to the vet and he immediately said, perhaps it's a bladder infection.

We went to see him, he did some tests, and said that's what it was. After some antibiotics, I'm fine now -- and can hold it like I used to.

Check it out!!!


Girasol said...

Are you drinking too much water? sometimes is that the problem.

Kay said...

Your crate looks comfy but I understand why you don't want to be in there...hehe