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Monday, November 05, 2007


So, I did something bad, very bad! I chewed on the VCR remote!!! Mommy was so upset. She said I might have gotten hurt.

Hey, if its lying around, ITS MINE................

But then, I'm sooooo cute mommy just has to forgive me. When mommy goes to work in the morning, I love to cuddle up on her side of the bed and sleep.

Too bad my Fig can't join me.


Joe Stains said...

Tanner LOOOVES remotes, not saying you are a doofus my friend. You sure look comfy in that bed, it kinda makes me sleepy...

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Buddy,
I hate to say this..but remote controls are dangerous!! They don't quite come out of our system as fast as other stuffs.
Gee, I didn't know the shop chose the color of the ball cos PINK is like sooooo purty! :) Thanks once again. I really dig if only my Mom would let me play with it more often. hehe

Lorenza said...

Hi, Balboa
Please.... be careful with the things you chew. We all know those things are dangerous! Glad you are ok!
I do the same when my mom is getting ready to go to work!
Have a good night

Persephone & Buster said...


ALL our remotes are well-chewed. It scares the living daylights out of Mom--she's afraid we'll be seeing replays of "Dancing with the Stars" inside of our little brains forever! Or get mercury poisoning from the diodes...

What's a terrier to do?

Buster can answer that question!

He pulled a london broil off he counter yesterday. Said it tasted a LOT better than the TV remote...


Persephone & Bozo

The Brat Pack said...

I'd definitely blame the humans for leaving it down for you. What's a dog to do?


Ralph said...

You look so cozy... my mom likes the pattern on the sheets. I'll take your advice and stay away from the remotes!


Simba said...

You must have done some serious puppy dog eyes to get away with that.

Simba xx

Stanley said...

Boober Boy!

Hey, buddy! Please don't EVER do that again, man! Dangerous stuff (even though my girl has been known to leave a few things lying around that she shouldn't).

Love the bed photos of you. You look like a pinup pup!

Goober love,

ROSSI said...

oh Balboa.. u are really cute.. no wonder your mom can forgive u so easily.. sorry for not visiting u that often.. my mom been neglecting me recently..


Seadra & Zoe said...

Oh no, doesn't your Mom know that remotes belong to us doggies? But she is right, we wouldn't want you to get hurt by chewing on them so maybe you should find something else to chew on.

Looks like that is YOUR bed!

Love, Seadra and Zoe

4xBs said...

hi Balboa, we understand about chewing on stuff that is yours. and anything that you can reach is yours, right?! just like when Benson scooped up Brody's pill - he could reach it and it was his! hee hee you sure are cute all snuggled in your beddy.

Lacy said...

woofies Balboa, remotes are a nono, but cords r even worse...u b chewin on one of dose and u will glow in da learneded dat when me wuz a young sumtimes sweeps late too after mama and daddys gets up...heehee they always come to check on me..

b safe,

Ashley said...

Very cute! My yorkies loves to snuggle in bed too :)
Come visit my Dog Blog!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh oh! Hope you didn't get any smacking from your mom coz if I did something bad like that, she would roast me in the oven & she will have roasted Golden Retriever for din dins...Scawie!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Clover said...

Uh oh. I hope you don't try to eat any more bad-for-you things! We want a healthy Balboa! But yes, we can see how your mommy is able to forgive you so easily!
Love Clover xo

Harry said...

Whoops! Best not to do that again old boy. I think Cassidy would love to get her teethie pegs into a remote so they are well out of reach!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

Balboa, you did an awesome job there on the remote. Thanks for posting about remotes. We not chew one before so we gots it at the top of our to do list!!

Four Pugz

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Balboa,good thing you didn't got hurt chewing the remote. I'm sure your mommy forgave you already. :)
It's pretty cooling over my side that I'm napping too

~ Girl girl

Ferndoggle said...

Uh Oh...I've done that before...more than once.

Dad was very mad at me and Mom told him to roll-up a newspaper...real tight...and smack himself in the head 10 times saying "I will not leave the remote lying around, I will not leave the remote lying around, I will not leave the remote lying around..."


Frasier said...

You look like you are dreaming of Fig there !!!
The mommy smell is the best is' nt it ?

Kara said...

The dogs over here agree - anything they can reach, they can eat. That included my glasses one day! Oh well, I wanted new ones!

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Oh dear, Prince had a fondness for remote controls when he was a youngster too. He used to complain that the rubber buttons used to get stuck in his teeth.....!

Peanut said...

Good job on the remote. My mom says you looks so cute in the bed.

fig said...

BALBOA! my girl was unpacking her old tv and guess what she found?! a remote that looks JUST LIKE THAT!!! hee!

Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

Glad you are o.k. Balboa. Leave that nasty old remote alone! Mom always puts our human brother's remote away when she leaves in the morning. She's paranoid we will eat it and get sick!
You look so relaxed in that bed. You are making us sleepy.

Ozzie & Rocky

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

That remote didn't look to tastie--but that was one heck of a job! Stay warm a snuggly


Amici said...

You're too cute for words!! Glad you are okay after chewing up the remote. Good job taking over the bed.