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Monday, April 28, 2008

Feeling Better and Stupid Flashlight

My mommy is starting to feel better, thanks for your comments. Whenever my mommy is sad, giving her kisses till she starts laughing is always a good sign.

Today we played with the flashlight, I can never get that stupid flashlight, but ONE DAY I WILL.

Here I'm trying to find a way to climb the wall and get that light.

What, how did he get here so fast?????

My mommy has a stupid addiction to coffee, she says its so good. Well if she loves me and wants to really spoil me than she should give ME some of this coffee, don't you all agree?

Friday, April 25, 2008

My Mommy

Thanks for all the well wishes for my mommy, she's starting to feel better. Everyone around her is having babies and she's having a hard time being strong. Mommy just doesn't like to tell people because they give her advice or tell her stories, that only makes her feel worse. A friend told her its okay to feel sad, its okay to mourn, its okay to treat me like her baby! I told mommy she can vent to me all she wants, I'll always listen and give her love big wet kisses.

I find that sleeping on mommy's legs makes her feel better. She asked me to cut out her face since she said it was her "I just woke up" face.

On Thursday we'll announce the winner of the caption game from two weeks ago and post another caption using a photo of Amber-Mae and Faith, it's a good one!
Mommy helped keep a doggie from running into the street. Sometimes we see this litte dude on our walks around the condo, he came walking near our street towards the woods. Mommy and I were chilling on the bench when all of a sudden we hear the woman scream and call the dude's name, mommy got up thinking the worst. We saw the doggie running away toward the middle of the road. Mommy and got down on her knees and called the doggie over in a playful voice and I got into a play stance. The doggie came right over to her. The woman was so happy mommy and I were there to help her catch her doggie. Mommy was happy the doggie came to her and didn't run towards the street. The woman said she always takes him off the leash and he never runs away until today. Mommy told daddy she would NEVER NEVER NEVER take me off the leash. I'm glad she doesn't, I might run away to play and get lost or meet a mean human.
Here's another picture of me......... sleeping of course! The stupid sunlight always moves, but sometimes it stops on the couch and if there's a pillow there............. AWESOME!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Mommy is going through a tough time right now. I've been trying to make her feel better by licking her face and letting her scratch my butt.

I need a few days to help mommy feel better, we will start posting soon, I PROMISE!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Create a Caption

This week we're using a photo of our Brat Pack Friends, Bear and Tucker talking up close and personal. I wonder waht Dot Spot and Samantha are trying to tell them.

Remember to check the sidebar for previous winners and caption games



Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Need a bigger bed

So, after I posted about how tired I was and asked who was gonna cuddle with me, I GOT LOTS OF REQUESTS!!!!!

So, I'll be cuddling with.........


Mack's sister Paris


Seadra & Zoe

Amber Mae


Hammer, Hobson, Rose, Khomet, and Charlamayne

and Peanut's mom & Hammer's mom - but they'll have to sit on the couch with my mommy, cause only us doggies can chill in my bed.

(((Don't worry Fig, you are still number one in my heart!!!!)))

Then, when I've had enough, I'll fly over and chill with Pippa

THANKS FOR ALL THE GET WELL WISHES FOR MOMMY the cold is gone and she is feeling 100% better. The hard part now is catching up on all the blogs, we are soooo behind... but thankful we have sooooo many friends.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Creat A Caption Game

This week we're using a photo of me playing with my daddy. Plus as an added bonus you ladies get to check out my handsome body!

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